Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Strips are back, permanently

Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Strips, photo provided by Jack in the Box
Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Strips, photo provided by Jack in the Box /

Fast food fans rejoice Jack in the Box Spicy Chicken Strips are back, yes reall.

Big bold flavors are back at Jack in the Box. Starting August 13, Spicy Chicken Strips are back, yes really, and fans are cheering its return. If you are ready to get dipping, it is time to place another food order.

If you have been watching the Jack in the Box social media channels, it has been all about that spicy chicken. From fans pleading for their triumphant return to the menu to fun hints suggesting that the fan favorite menu item will be back, it seems that everyone is getting their food wish. Once again, Jack in the Box delivers to its fans.

One of the reasons why people are drawn to this chicken menu item is the kick in the batter. While it brings the heat, the flavor is not so overpowering.

More importantly, it pairs perfectly with the always popular house buttermilk ranch. That tangy ranch cools the spicy in a tasty way. And, it might leave you craving another order.

While many people prefer the house buttermilk ranch, there are seven classic dipping sauces that can be ordered with the Spicy Chicken Strips. If you prefer a double heat of the Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo, a zesty marinara, or even some teriyaki, fans can have which ever dipping sauce that they prefer.

Giving fans what they want has been a mainstay of Jack in the Box. The brand has been in the forefront of giving guests good food at a good value. Whether it is offering tacos with hamburgers or chicken strips and Oreo Cookie Shakes, fans know that the restaurant’s menu will satisfy every craving.

With the Spicy Chicken Strips back on the menu, it seems that everyone has dinner plans. The only question on the table is, what is your preferred dipping sauce?

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What is your favorite Jack in the Box menu item? Do you always order the same food choice?