Halloween baking at Walmart is a ghoulishly good treat

Walmart Halloween Baking, photo provided by Walmart
Walmart Halloween Baking, photo provided by Walmart /

It’s getting spooky at Walmart with its new Halloween baking kits.

Many new tasty treats are coming to Walmart and all the Halloween baking kits will have everyone feeling a little frightful, in a good way. It is time to get out that cauldron and whisk up some sweet, magical delights.

While some people might think that a spell has been cast on the baking aisle or the candy aisle, their eyes are not mistaken. Halloween and all the Halloween treats are coming early this year. From Halloween candy sitting side by side with back to school items to the pumpkin spice latte brewing in August, it seems that the spooky season is upon us.

Whether it is people wanting a fall treat, the sense of familiar or just hoping for 2020 to end more quickly, Halloween baking and fall flavors are here now. So, turn on the oven and enjoy a little sweet treat.

Walmart has announced its Halloween baking and fall favorite baking items. The Halloween items focus on fun visuals. From ghoulish ghosts to graveyard scenes, these Great Value Halloween Kits will be a huge hit with kids and families.

Halloween baking, Walmart
Walmart Halloween Baking, photo provided by Walmart /

The Great Value Halloween Kits include:

  • Ghost Meringue Kit – $4.97
  • Skull Sugar Cookie Kit – $4.97
  • Spooky Vortex Sugar Cookie Kit – $4.97
  • Monster Eyes Sugar Cookie Kit – $4.97
  • Graveyard Brownie Kit – $4.97
  • Halloween Whoopie Pie Kit – $4.97

For the kids, they will definitely want to make the Monster Eyes cookies. This kit looks to be easy for all ages.

The Skull Sugar Cookie is perfect for Day of the Dead celebrations. Plus, this kit makes the process easy. Even if you choose to customize the decoration, the kit helps to ensure that the cookie comes out looking festive.

Lastly, the ghost meringue kit is the most interesting. Making meringue can be difficult, but this kit makes it simple. Plus, the visual is adorable. This kit will definitely fly off store shelves.

Halloween baking, fall baking, Walmart
Walmart Halloween Baking, photo provided by Walmart /

In addition to the Halloween baking kits, Walmart has announced a variety of fall baking treats. Included in the Great Value fall line-up are the following items:

  • Pumpkin Spice Pancake & Waffle Mix – $1.67
  • Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix – $1.98
  • Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread & Muffin Mix – $1.98
  • Apple Cinnamon Quick Bread & Muffin Mix – $1.98
  • Cranberry Orange Muffin & Quick Bread Mix – $1.98

Of course, the pumpkin spice mixes will be quite popular. Given that pumpkin spice is everywhere, people cannot get enough of the classic, comforting flavors.

If you experience pumpkin overload, consider the cranberry orange muffin and quick bread mix. The combination of cranberry and orange is a bright, tart flavor. With all the warm spices, this flavor combination offers a much-needed flavor break.

If you want to taste these Halloween baking and fall baking offerings from Walmart, don’t wait too long. Just like the witching hour, these treats will disappear in a spell.

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What are your favorite Halloween treats? Have you started enjoying fall flavors already?