Pepsi Private Beach is the ultimate refreshing summer escape

Pepsi Postcards, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Postcards, photo provided by Pepsi /

Would you like to escape to the Pepsi Private Beach?

While the exotic getaway might be postponed, the Pepsi Private Beach is the refreshing summer escape that you need before sweater weather hits. This special beach is no mirage, but it might require a little imagination on your part. But, isn’t that what you do at the beach anyhow?

This summer, everyone has been looking for some distractions. Whether it is sitting socially distant in your neighbor’s backyard or just driving around your city playing a new version of Where’s Waldo, everyone is tired of just being in their own house. Those distractions help everyone feel like the never ending Groundhog Day loop is getting a little less tiresome.

Ahead of National Beach Day, Pepsi has created the a refreshing summer escape, the Pepsi Private Beach. While some people might be singing the Phineas and Ferb Backyard Beach Song (don’t judge me), this little diversion will make the dog days of summer just a little more enjoyable.

This private beach creates a vacation escape almost anywhere. The 3×3 oasis can be set up in your backyard, front porch or even your living room. It comes with a Pepsi branded beach chair, cooler and umbrella. You provide your own playlist (hopefully no screaming children interrupt the fun).

Yes, this promotion is not meant to be wipe all the world’s problem’s away. It is meant to be fun. As Kyle Lazarus, Director of Equity Communications at Pepsi said, “This summer has certainly been like no other – our fans live for summer fun and taking adventures, so we partnered with our consumer insights team to find ways to make it special for our them in our own unique way,”

If you want this Pepsi Private Beach in your little oasis, head to Twitter to enter the contest. More details can be found online.

And, if you don’t win, you can create this little escape for yourself. Why not put some Pepsi in a cooler, turn off the AC and spray some sunscreen in the air.

You can create a beach vibe almost anywhere. Sometimes that idea of the “Salt Life” is just a mindset. Plus, if you create a beach inside your house, you never have to worry about where is the closest bathroom.

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What little escapes have you made this summer? Have you found ways to create some easy diversions at home?