Special K Caramel Latte Crisps are the perfect pick me up

New Special K Latte Crisps, photo provided by Special K
New Special K Latte Crisps, photo provided by Special K /

Special K Caramel Latte Crisps prove latte cravings don’t require a coffee mug.

From the boost of caffeine to the sweet flavor, caramel lattes are popular beverages. The new Special K Caramel Latte Crisps bring that delicious flavor to the snack aisle. Now, that caramel latte can be enjoyed anywhere, any time and you don’t have to worry about spilling on your shirt.

For many people, coffee is more than a morning tradition. While coffee has become an all-day beverage, the coffee flavors have influenced other food choices. From desserts to snacks, coffee has wide reaching influence.

The new Special K Caramel Latte Pastry Crisps bring the flavor of a caramel latte to a tasty, convenient pastry. If you are a fan of the Special K Pastry Crisps and love coffee, these pastries are a must try.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try this new treat and it is definitely worth buying an extra box. The caramel latte flavor is more coffee forward that sweet. When you open the package, the aroma is enticing. Following the first bite, you want to savor the taste but the crisps will be gone before you realize that you ate the whole package.

The package of two crisps curbs the craving without being too over-indulgent. From the coffee flavor to the texture, it is a perfect afternoon treat or even a light breakfast.

For many people, when that latte craving hits, it can be hard to resist. That large beverage comes with a side of extra calories and sugar. In the case of the Special K Caramel Latte Crisps, this snack is just 100 calories a serving (which is often a 1/3 of the calories of the typical caramel latte).

Additionally, these Pastry Crisps have a touch of caffeine in each serving. According to Courtney Bentley, brand manager for Special K, the Pastry Crisps have “as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee.” While you won’t have to worry about the caffeine jitters, it does give a little boost.

Still, the flavor and the convenience of the Special K Caramel Latte Pastry Crisps will have them flying off store shelves. It is like being able to enjoy a latte in a more convenient form. While the kids might prefer a sweet, fruity variety, the adults will have their special treat, too.

The Special K Caramel Latte Pastry Crisps are available in grocery stores nationwide. A package of 12 pastry crisps has a suggested retail price of $3.49.

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Are you ready for satisfy that latte craving in a new way? What is your favorite afternoon snack?