The quintessential citrus tool is now available online, for a limited time

Tupperware Citrus Peeler, photo provided by Tupperware
Tupperware Citrus Peeler, photo provided by Tupperware /

From oranges to grapefruits, the quintessential citrus tool can not be bought online.

While that kitchen essentials drawer might be full, if you do not have the quintessential citrus tool, you better buy one now. For the first time ever, the Tupperware Citrus Peeler is available online, but only for a limited time.

Have you ever been to a Tupperware party? While that phrase might bring up memories of your mom and her friends gathering around the table, enjoying a glass of wine and buying kitchen products, there was a reason why that Tupperware was always a smart purchase. The brand is durable and solves many kitchen dilemmas.

Over the years, the Citrus Peeler has been that gadget people never knew that they needed till they had one in the kitchen tool drawer. Once you used it, you couldn’t live without it.

The Tupperware Citrus Peeler makes quick work of peeling oranges, grapefruit and a variety of other citrus fruits. While a profession chef can make quick work of breaking down an orange, the home cook may not be as efficient (even if she has watched many Food Network cooking shows).

But, the only downside to this handy kitchen tool was that you had to go to a Tupperware party to buy one. Now, everyone can get the Tupperware Citrus Peeler by clicking a button.

Through September 9, the kitchen tool can be purchased online. More importantly, the cost is worth stocking up on a few. A set of two peelers is just $5. Why not buy a couple and use them as stocking stuffers.

With citrus season around the corner, why not pair the Citrus Peeler with some other kitchen essentials like the All-In-One Mate or the Zest “N Press Gadget. Whether you are making using citrus for a marinade, summer cocktails or just enjoying some fresh fruit, these kitchen tools make quick work of the all the prep.

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