5 Food Network shows that foodies need to rediscover

Host Alex Guarnaschelli, as seen on Supermarket Stakeout, Season Number 2. Image courtesy David Becker, Food Network
Host Alex Guarnaschelli, as seen on Supermarket Stakeout, Season Number 2. Image courtesy David Becker, Food Network /

With many people discovering the love of cooking, these five Food Network shows will have both foodies and newbies excited to be in the kitchen.

Food Network shows have captivated many food fans for decades. Given the current climate, more people are turning to the Food Network as must watch comfort food TV. From looking for an escape to learning some new cooking techniques, there are many reasons to spend some quality time watching.

Many people have a favorite Food Network show. From the various baking competitions to any of Guy Fieri’s shows to Chopped, everyone has a show that is their favorite. While these shows are entertaining, there are many other shows that are worth watching.

In many ways, these five Food Network shows deserve a second look. Whether you are rediscovering a love of cooking, want to improve your cooking skills or are looking for a new recipe, these shows could become your new must watch food TV.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for Food Network shows to rediscover.


Delicious Miss Brown

People are wanting comfort food and Kardea Brown delivers. Even though the quarantine 15 is a reality, comfort food is just so satisfying. Many of her recipes have been passed down from her family. These low country recipes are quite satisfying and are easy to make.

Delicious Miss Brown airs on Sundays and can be watched online.


Valerie’s Home Cooking

Valerie Bertinelli is always a bright spot on Food Network. While many people watch her on Kids Baking Championship, her own cooking show is quite entertaining. In many ways, her recipes and commentary are a slice of real life. From pantry cooking to family favorites, there is always a discovery in an episode. It might even be inspiration for tonight’s dinner.

Valerie’s Home Cooking airs on Sundays and can be watched online.


Girl Meets Farm

Have you ever wanted to just leave it all behind and live on a farm? Molly Yeh took her popular food blog and grew it into a well-respected food authority. On her Food Network show, Molly brings global flavors into the kitchen. From a Shakshuka with Feta to meatball-stuffed biscuits, this program lets foodies discover a whole new world of deliciousness.

Girl Meets Farm airs Sundays on Food Network and can be watched online.

Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics

Who isn’t a fan of Ina Garten? From her love of a good cocktail to cooking for her beloved Jeffery, her shows are delightful. In this Food Network series, Ina reintroduces everyone to some cooking basics. This show is great for the person who is starting to cook, wants to brush up on her cooking skills or just wants remember why basics are important to cooking. And, if you grab a cocktail or a glass of wine while cooking, Ina probably would approve.

Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics airs Sundays on Food Network and can be watched online.


Supermarket Stakeout

While grocery store shopping is less frequent, the shopping options may not be quite as plentiful. If you were presented with a bag of ingredients, could you create a tasty dish? In some ways, Super Market Stakeout is similar to what many people are doing in their own kitchen (although at different level). Alex Guarnaschelli hosts this competitive pop-up. It might not be your Chopped Challenge, but it could inspire some creative cooking in your kitchen.

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Are you watching more Food Network shows? Have you discovered a new show or rediscovered an old favorite?