Tim Hortons is giving everyone a free taste of Canada

Tim Hortons Canada Getaway, photo provided by Tim Hortons
Tim Hortons Canada Getaway, photo provided by Tim Hortons /

While you may not be able to cross the border, Tim Hortons is giving you the next best thing.

Sometimes a taste of a vacation can be just as sweet as that dream getaway. Tim Hortons understands that many people might be missing that Canadian getaway. While those vacation plans have been put on hold, everyone deserves a little free food treat to make the day brighter and the iconic Canadian brand is delivering.

Today through August 31, Tim Hortons wants to make up for that missed Canadian vacation. Via the Tim Hortons app, guests can receive a free medium coffee (hot or iced) and donut. Guests can even pick from the new Dream Donuts.

To get this free coffee and donut offer, guests need to submit proof of their canceled Canadian vacation via email (TimsUS@timhortons.com). The offer will be added to their account via the app. The offer is available to the first 10,000 requests.

Thinking about this free coffee and donut promotion, it is a small gesture to make this summer seem less disappointing. Sure, it would be nice to travel to Niagra Falls or to head to Montreal. Unfortunately, it is not in the cards, but you can hear Jim Gaffigan talk about his  favorite Canadian foods in The Pale Tourist on Amazon Prime. That commentary will make you want to book a trip for 2021.

Still, food can be a great way to satisfy some of that wanderlust until everyone can safely travel the globe again. Whether it is getting  a taste of a favorite food memory or offering a flavor of an future destination, food can be that form of escape. Instead of that next google search making you drool, why not put some tasty treats on the plate.

If you missed out on a trip to Regina, Vancouver or even Quebec, share your disappointment with Tim Hortons. You could get a free coffee and donut. Why not pick a Dream donut and dream about your next great Canadian adventure. You might see a moose.

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Did your summer vacation get canceled? What has been the highlight of your summer?