Best cocktail mixers that elevate your home bar

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These best cocktail mixers need to be behind your home bar.

The best cocktail mixers can change how you enjoy your favorite cocktail. Instead of popping open another beer or pouring a glass of wine, shaking up the perfect cocktail is easy with the right ingredients. Ready to taste the difference?

Most master mixologists, bartenders and cocktail lovers know that the best ingredients ensure that each sip is full of flavor. While the liquor might be foundation of the cocktail, the cocktail mixers are the ingredients that bring all the flavors together. From fresh juices to homemade simple syrups, thoughtful ingredient choices really do matter.

Do you have these best cocktail mixers behind your home bar?


When a cocktail is simple, the ingredients really matter. Just like a simple recipe, there is no place to hide.

With over 230 years of serving tonic waters to consumers, 1783 by  Schweppes Tonic is one of the most effervescent mixers on the market. The flavor is clean, crisp and the perfect balance to a variety of spirits. Whether used simply with a gin, vodka or tequila, it is quite refreshing.

Keep a few bottles of the Schweppes 1783 Tonic behind the bar. Whether paired with a lime twist or just served over ice, this tonic is the simple refreshment you will come to love.

Simple syrup

While some pre-made mixers have sugar in them, creating your own simple syrup is easy. More importantly the variety of options can change the flavors. For example, a honey simple syrup brings a nuanced flavor to the cocktail.

Also, a simple syrup can be infused with other flavors. From some lavender in a honey simple syrup or even a little spice, the options are many. Just be cautious with the other ingredients. For example, a spicy honey simple syrup grows in flavor intensity over time.

Fresh juices

Beyond freshly squeezed citrus, the home bar might not have that juicer running to make a big glass of fresh juice.

If you are adding juice to a cocktail, choose juices wisely. For example, Natalie’s juice has a variety of options that bring big flavors to that cocktail glass. That fresh, clean label juice ensures the best flavors. One sip and you will taste the freshness.

TAZO mixology

If you just want simplicity, TAZO Mixology is the perfect solution. These TAZO beverages are bursting with flavor. Whether you want a floral Berry Hibiscus Margarita or a spicy Ginger Lime Moscow Mule, the options are many.

While the TAZO Mixology is delicious shaken in a cocktail, it is equally as delicious in a mocktail or on its own. Truthfully, that concept is the mark of the best cocktail mixers. When they can stand on their own, they need to be in your cocktail glass.

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What are your must have cocktail mixers behind your home bar?