7-Eleven Sips n’ Snacks adds convenience to the hottest food trends

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With 7-Eleven Sips n’ Snacks, the hottest food trends are at consumer’s fingertips.

For many people, a taste of the hottest food trends is a must. Through the 7-Eleven Sips n’ Snacks program, some of the most innovative new food products will be hitting convenience store shelves. If you have ever wanted to be part of the food trending crowd, this program is the opportunity.

Food trends have ebbs and flows. Before plant-based food options filled store shelves, many people would have thought that a tasty, meatless burger was beyond impossible. It takes the power of the consumer to taste, sample and determine that a new product is worthy of their spending dollar.

The 7-Eleven Sips n’ Snacks program gives consumers the opportunity to taste test a variety of innovative products. While some people might scratch their head at some of the food choices, others will want to grab a bag of that algae-oil popcorn. No matter which side of the aisle that you stand in, these product innovations will push the food conversation forward.

More importantly, these product innovations are getting a big boost by being selected for this program. Being featured by the world’s largest convenience retailer can be a vehicle to make a brand more successful. Looking at previously included brands like ROAR or Protein Bar, this program gained them a loyal following.

This year’s list includes 25 hand selected brands. These products not only focus on innovation but also have a nod to healthy choices. A few highlights include: Kalahari Biltong, Pop Zero, Koia, Pescavore and Bitchin Sauce.

One of the tag lines for this program is that these are snacks that love you back. While the food trend aspect might excite people to try a taste, the flavor will have to bring them back to purchase again. As long as the brands deliver on their promises, people will demand for the innovative products to be stocked on store shelves.

With 7-Eleven offering this Sips n’ Snacks program that focuses on new and trending food, it shows that a convenience store can and should be more to consumers. Today’s consumer is savvy. Not only do they want good for you products, they want those products at their fingertips. This type of program recognizes that concept.

The 7-Eleven Sips n’ Snacks is available in Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

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What do you think of this food trend program? Would you be willing to taste test some of these products?