YAHTZEE Cup Noodles, ready to shake, score and shout?

YAHTZEE Cup Noodles game, photo provided by The Op
YAHTZEE Cup Noodles game, photo provided by The Op /

YAHTZEE Cup Noodles brings steaming hot play to game night.

While that Cup Noodles might be your guilty pleasure, YAHTZEE Cup Noodles is meant to be shaken, not slurped. At first glance, the visual might make you do a double take. Are you ready to YAHTZEE?

Everyone knows the classic YAHTZEE. It is one of those classic family games. Everyone can play. While there is a touch of luck, the game puts everyone on equal playing terms. It isn’t how much you know or your quick wit. The roll of the dice determines your success.

With Cup Noodles, everyone has had this classic Nissin dish. From the convenience to late night food, that quick serve cup of ramen noodles always satisfies. Whether you eat the Cup Noodles with chopsticks, a fork or even a spoon, everyone has a slurping story.

This new game brings combines two classics into one cup. YAHTZEE Cup Noodles features custom dice. The dice feature the iconic flavors, chicken, beef, shrimp, lime, corn, and carrots. Since the flavor replace the numbers, it is all about making the perfect flavor match.

Overall, the idea is to achieve the goal of “Much More Than a Soup.” Whether you shake up the perfect combination on the first time or it takes the right flick of the wrist, you will applaud the achievement and shout YAHTZEE.

YAHTZEE Cup Noodles
YAHTZEE Cup Noodles game, photo provided by The Op /

The idea of bringing an iconic food to the gaming space is fun. Looking at the packaging, it is a unique gift for foodies.

In some ways, this game could spark a fun conversation. If playing as a family, maybe kids might not be ready to slurp a variety of ingredients. Why not use this game to shake up dinner time. Use the game to determine the flavors and ingredients in that night’s dinner. Maybe it would be the way to get the kids to eat some more veggies.

YAHTZEE Cup Noodles is available at various retailers including TheOp.Games. The game retails for $14.99 and is intended for ages 8 and up.

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Are you ready for the game that is “Much More Than a Soup?”