Top Ramen celebrates Gudetama and people’s love of effortless ramen

Photo: Top Ramen: Soy Sauce Flavor.featuring Gudetama. Image Courtesy Top Ramen
Photo: Top Ramen: Soy Sauce Flavor.featuring Gudetama. Image Courtesy Top Ramen /

Ease and simplicity have driven Top Ramen to be people’s favorite instant ramen. With the help of Gudetama, delicious ramen slurping is even more lovable.

For many people, Top Ramen has been the instant ramen staple in their pantry. Now, the iconic brand celebrates the beloved Gudetama, everyone’s favorite lazy egg. As that adorable lazy egg finds its way onto the brand’s packaging, instant ramen fans have the perfect excuse to slurp on another bowl of instant ramen.

Nissin Foods and its founder Momofuku Ando created a ramen revolution decades ago. By bringing a 3-minute ramen to people’s homes, that simple, satisfying dish has become a pantry staple. Whether it was the cooking ease or the tasty flavors, a package of Nissin Foods ramen is many people’s go to meal.

Whether it was an after school craving or a late night dorm room study session, Top Ramen has been many people’s first food they master cooking on their own. In just a matter of minutes, a steaming, hot bowl of ramen was ready.

Plus, those little flavor packets meant that everyone could “customize” that ramen flavor. For many families, it is the dinner that brings smiles all around the table. Sometimes a simple dinner can put the emphasis back on the people at the table.

Over the years, people evolved their ramen preferences. From adding a soft egg to extra vegetables, that simple, easy bowl of instant ramen became more than just that late night snack. While it is always comforting, it is a bowl filled with memories all those ramen moments.

The beloved character, Gudetama, might be known as the lazy egg but this character is more than just inherent cuteness. The idea that life does not need to be complicated, difficult or overwhelming can be celebrated. Sometimes it is ok to just be ok.

Whether this adorable little egg loves relaxing on a bed of ramen or just appreciates the simplicity in life, those thoughts pair well with the iconic Top Ramen, which is why Gudetama is now on both the chicken and soy flavor packaging.

The special limited-edition packaging featuring that adorable lazy egg will be taking over store shelves. From snuggling on a bowl of soy ramen to the eggy adventures on the chicken flavored ramen, this packaging will be an instant hit.

While Top Ramen and Gudetama are instant friends, the character can only be found on chicken and soy packaging. Those two flavors are the perfect pairing for this partnership.

Top Ramen Chicken, Gudetama
Photo: Top Ramen: Chicken Flavor featuring Gudetama.. Image Courtesy Top Ramen /

First, chicken is everyone’s favorite instant ramen flavor. While no one wants to bring up the chicken or the egg debate, the two foods go hand in hand. Why wouldn’t the lazy egg want to celebrate that chicken ramen? Sometimes a classic needs its moment to shine.

As for the soy ramen, soy sauce is Gudetama’s favorite flavor. Of course, that flavor would be part of the limited-edition packaging.

While this announcement unveils the special limited-edition packaging, more can be expected from the partnership. Although most people cannot snuggle up on bed of ramen, this little lazy egg could be sharing all types of thoughts on the uber popular instant ramen.

In way, this partnership celebrates how a simple, easy to make dish brings people together. Whether it is a quick dinner that brings warmth and comfort on a cold day or a hearty bowl of noodles providing energy to power through that big game, Top Ramen is a shared experience that brings people together.

Hopefully in the upcoming months, Gudetama’s partnership will show how everyone, whoever they are and where ever they live, can find how that bowl of instant ramen makes people more alike and connect. While one person might put an egg in their ramen another might add some bean sprouts, the idea is that everyone loves the simplicity that instant ramen offers.

The Top Ramen and Gudetama packages can be found via the Noodle Finder on the company website. The Chicken flavor is offered in a 5 pack for $1.00 and a 6 pack for $1.89. The Soy Sauce flavor is available in a 6 pack for $1.89 and a single pack for $0.35.

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Sometimes the best moments are the ones that do not require all the effort. Open a package of Top Ramen with Gudetama and enjoy the simplicity that life offers.