Breckenridge Brewery Broncos Country to celebrate the Denver Broncos’ legacy

Breckenridge Brewery Broncos Country, photo provided by Breckenridge Brewery
Breckenridge Brewery Broncos Country, photo provided by Breckenridge Brewery /

Breckenridge Brewery pays tribute to the Denver Broncos with Broncos Country.

Breckenridge Brewery understands a great football beer is an important part of the NFL season. Whether you are toasting a victory or consoling a less favorable outcome, that ice-cold beer is waiting. For Denver Broncos fans, new Broncos Country beer will be a must for this football season.

NFL Beer collaborations take on all types of forms. From specialty brews to team-themed packaging, beer and football seem to be paired together.

As the new football season begins, Breckenridge Brewery released a new beer, Broncos Country. The Colorado-centric brew will be a must have for any Broncos fan.

Just looking at the packaging, the design captures a time when everyone one was a Broncos fan. Who doesn’t remember the years when John Elway lead the Broncos to the Super Bowl? Although that 80s and 90s look might be a little vintage right now, it will be a fond memory for many fans.

While some people will be drawn to the image, beer drinkers want to know what’s in the can. Since this beer is an homage to the Broncos, Breckenridge Brewery used ingredients that are 100% sourced from Colorado. The idea is to capture the spirit of what it really means to be “Broncos Country.”

Breckenridge Brewery
Breckenridge Brewery Broncos Country, photo provided by Breckenridge Brewery /

According to Breckenridge Brewery, “High Wire hops from the North Fork Valley impact a delicate citrus hop aroma, while locally sourced malts provide a light malty backbone that finishes clean and dry.”

A hoppy pale ale, the beer is meant to be easy drinking. Given that this beverage is a football beer, some people might want more than one beer during a game. That drinkability is key.

Looking at the flavors, the slightly citrus flavor makes it a nice pairing with common tailgating foods. From a big hamburger to a hearty brat to just some chips and dip, the options are many.

The Broncos County beer is sold in 15 packs and will be available now through December. The beer has a 5.7% ABV.

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What is your favorite football beer? Do you cheer victories with a special beer?