GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are perfectly portioned indulgence

GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are perfectly portioned indulgence. Image Courtesy Godiva
GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are perfectly portioned indulgence. Image Courtesy Godiva /

GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are the best reason to have another piece of chocolate.

The newest innovation from the premium chocolate leader, the GODIVA Signature Mini Bars are the perfect excuse to enjoy more chocolate. These perfectly portioned chocolate bars make that afternoon chocolate break, sweet treat after dinner or that just because indulgence a great choice.

Recently, consumer food trends have shown a surge in premium chocolate purchases. According to the National Confectioners Association, premium chocolate sales have spiked. It seems that people are finding a little taste of joy in that chocolate indulgence.

Thinking of premium chocolate, GODIVA is a leader in this category. Whether it is that iconic gold box that holds chocolate treasures, the Masterpieces Collection or the Chocolate Domes, there is a GODIVA chocolate for each and every occasion.

The new GODIVA Signature Mini Bars offer a different take for the premium chocolate space. While the flavors are what people expect from GODIVA, the mini bar packaging is quite innovative.

Each package contains eight, individually wrapped portioned mini bars. Each bar is broken into little squares. Whether you eat a few of the squares or the entire mini bar, you can enjoy the premium chocolate without feeling overly guilty. It is just the right taste to satisfy that chocolate craving.

Looking at the packaging, there is also a shareability factor. By individually wrapping each mini bar, the chocolate can easily be shared with friends and family. Or, you can open a bar, eat a piece, and not worry about leaving the rest for another time.

As consumers show that they want to have a taste of that premium chocolate, companies need to adapt. GODIVA has found a way to satisfy the consumer while still staying true to its brand.

The new GODIVA Mini Bars are available in six flavors, Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate, 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate and Almond & Honey Milk Chocolate. These flavors blend iconic flavors with current food trends.

Since the chocolate bars are smaller in size, the chocolate and ingredients have adapted a little. For example, the Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate has pieces of almonds folded within the luscious dark chocolate. It ensures that each bite has a touch of almond surrounded by that dark chocolate.

In a way, the pieces of almond make the flavors more enjoyable. The balance is impeccable. At the same time, a smaller bite satisfies. By the end of a mini bar, you may not want another one.

The most innovative flavor is the Almond & Honey Milk Chocolate. Without being too sweet, this flavor delivers the total experience. From the slight crunch from the almond to the richness of the chocolate to the smooth finish, this chocolate is the one  that you might to keep all to yourself.

Overall, these GODIVA Mini Bars are the perfectly portion excuse to have a piece of chocolate every day and any day. Whether you want a little taste or a touch more chocolate goodness, GODIVA has made each and every chocolate craving satisfied.

GODIVA Mini Bars are available at Target, Walgreens and select GODIVA boutiques. A package has a suggested retail price of $2.99.

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Are you excited to try these GODIVA Mini Bars? What are your favorite chocolates?