Head on a Chili’s Road Trip and don’t forget to grab a Jack to School Rita

Chili's Rib Promo, photo provided by Chili's
Chili's Rib Promo, photo provided by Chili's /

Grab the keys and take a Chili’s Road Trip to end summer.

Although it might not seem like it, summer is fading but a Chili’s Road Trip could be the way to mark an end to the socially distant summer. If you are ready start a foodie adventure, Chili’s has it all mapped out for you. Who’s craving a food road trip?

While the calendar pages turned, it seems that people tend to be stuck on a perpetual loop. Without that summer vacation, it might have seemed like just another day, week or month. Although people have tried to make that backyard beach, lake house feel or just something that isn’t another day on the couch, the monotony of this summer has been difficult.

Chili’s wants to put some fun into the final days of summer with a Chili’s Road Trip. For a few lucky people, it will give them the opportunity to win some great prizes. From free Chili’s for a year to gift cards, the most epic road trip might be also be the tastiest one.

If you need some travel inspiration, Chili’s has some suggested road trip routes. From seeing the biggest ball of twine to the Grand Canyon, there are all types of adventures ahead. Additionally, there is a Chili’s restaurant along the way.

For those people who might want to win one of the prizes, tag #ChilisRoadTrip on social media. The more adventures that you take, the more chances that you have to win.

You don’t have to go on one of the highlighted road trips. You can create your own epic adventure. Sometimes a trip to the next city can be just as exciting as a trip across the country.

Jack to School Marg
Chili’s Marg of the Month, September, photo provided by Chili’s /

If you need some refreshment along the way, consider the Jack to School Rita, the September $5 Marg of the Month. This special margarita is made with “Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple Whiskey, Lunazal tequila, our fresh sour and a hint of coconut that’s served on the rocks with a citrus sugar rim.”

Although enjoying this Marg of the Month might not guarantee an “A” on your next test, it will make that back to school routine a little easier. Just like the teacher gets an apple going back to school, you can get this apple-centric margarita to start the school year right.

Why not kick off September in a big way. From a Chili’s Road Trip to a Jack to School Rita, the fall is looking tasty.

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What is your best food road trip?