Celebrate Pixar Fest with these tasty Pixar inspired recipes

Kick off the Pixar Fest fun with five Pixar inspired recipes.

Some of the most iconic characters come from Pixar movies and Pixar Fest celebrates that animated world. With these five Pixar inspired recipes, young, old and everyone in between will celebrate the curiosity, creativity and imagination that these iconic films have brought into everyone’s lives.

For an entire month, Pixar Fest is an opportunity to celebrate all things Pixar. From product launches to digital activations to even Disney + watch-alongs, everyone will be transported into these beloved worlds and will reconnect with some of their favorite characters.

Since these stories and characters resonate with fans, many people look for ways to bring the Pixar world off the screen. Luckily, Disney has shared some easy, creative Pixar inspired recipes that everyone can make at home.

These recipes include: Popcorn Balloons, Frozen Banana Joy Pops, Sheriff Woody Star Ravioli, Wizard Staff Pretzels, and Edna A La Mode “Party Style.”



Each of these recipes are relatively easy. More importantly, the whole family can make the recipes. Sometimes the tastiest recipes are ones that people make together.

The Popcorn Balloons inspired by Up are probably one of the easier recipes to make. The colorful popcorn is a feast for the eyes.

Plus the treat is on a stick. Who doesn’t love eating food on a stick?

Another easy Pixar inspired recipe is the Frozen Banana Joy Pops. Parents are always looking for fruit recipes that kids enjoy and want to eat. For this recipe, there will be joy around the table for both kids and parents.



For many families, pasta is always a popular choice. But, another bowl of plain buttered noodles might make parents a little sad.

This Sheriff Woody Star Ravioli is easy to make and quite tasty. While making homemade pasta might start out as intimidating, it is rather easy. More importantly, it can get families in the kitchen cooking together. That family time can make any dish tasty.



Based on the newest Pixar movie, Onward, these Wizard Staff Pretzels are perfect for a dessert or an anytime snack. While this recipe uses homemade pretzel dough, you could use a store bought variety. Or, you could cheat and use a certain crescent dough, too.

The fun part of this recipe is making the wand itself. The kids can let their personality come through in creating the wand shape. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect every time.



Lastly, the biggest Pixar inspired recipes is the Edna a la mode. This “party style” recipe is a lot of fun to make. It is definitely more stylish than eating another brownie.

In addition to the creative visual, this dessert has a lot of fruit. Sometimes having a sweet treat is even better when there are some extra good for your ingredients.


These Pixar inspired recipes are a tasty way to celebrate Pixar Fest. Whether you have treat every day, a special treat to pair with a movie or just want to have a little fun cooking as a family, these recipes show that food is creative and can be filled with family memories.


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What are some of your favorite recipes to make as a family? What is your favorite Pixar movie? 

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