Pepsi brings the game home for a special Steelers fan

(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) *** Local Caption ***
(Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** /

For this Steelers fan, Pepsi has made every game a home game.

Although the roar of the crowd might be distant, Pepsi knowns that a true Steelers fan will always be waving that Terrible Towel high. As part of Pepsi’s celebration of true football fans around the nation, the Official Soft Drink of the National Football League is sharing stories of fans who are more than just spectators at a game. That connection to their favorite NFL team is their support during good, bad and all aspects of life.

The old phrase, football is life can take on many different meanings. From the tradition passed on from father to son to connection within a community, that unifying football team transcends other divisions.

Sitting in the stands, everyone has a single purpose. Cheer their team to victory, take a moment to forget about life’s other distractions and enjoy the game of football with fellow fans.

This NFL season looks different. While everyone understands that the changes are for the greater good, there is still that longing, yearning for a moment to grab you Pepsi, jump up for the game winning score and waive that Terrible Towel high.

As part of Pepsi’s celebration of football fans across the nation, the brand has been creating special “Homegating” experiences. While the NY Jets fans got an epic yard makeover, this father and son Steelers fans can make every Steelers game a true home game.

Check out this video and try not to cry.

A single phrase speaks volumes in this video. It isn’t that the Steeler fan got to meet a favorite player, like Ryan Shazier, or even that their season ticket holder seats now reside in the family room. They said, we make the best of it. Whether it is in football or in life right now, if everyone makes the best of the hand that we are dealt, the world can seem a little less daunting.

Even if you are not a Steelers fan or a sports season ticket holder, you can relate to this story. Many people have and do use sports as their constant, their bond with others and their happy place. Whether it is catching up with the people who sit all around you at the stadium or your local bar, sports bring people together. You might debate about the horrible call on third down. But, at the end of the day, you grab a drink and go on to fight another day.

Whether or not the Steelers have a winning season may not matter to this Steelers fan. For him and his son, those stadium seats and their season tickets have been and will be forever etched into their memories. That bond continues just like the Terrible Towel waves again.

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