Pepsi brings Made for Football Watching to life this NFL Season

(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for LARAS)
(Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for LARAS) /

For this NFL Season, Pepsi believes that fans are Made for Football Watching.

Kicking off a new campaign for the upcoming NFL Season, Pepsi has just launched Made for Football Watching. While this football season will experience various ups, downs and uncertainties, one aspect will always remain the same. Fans will be watching.

Even though the traditional tailgate, cheering from the stands and a variety of other football traditions might be tabled this year, one aspect to this NFL Season remains constant. Fans will turn on a screen, watch the game, and cheer each and every play. In some ways, that football watching is its own version of an elite sport.

Even though many kids dream of running through the tunnel toward the 50 yard line, the facts show that only a very few athletes earn that athletic opportunity. Still, football fans live vicariously through that 1 of 1 percent of people who earn that NFL jersey.

Instead, many football fans earn their own sports designation. The elite football watcher is the ultimate at home football fan. From the perfect set up in that man cave to navigating the quick route to the fridge during a commercial time out, that elite football watcher has put in the work, completed the training and deserves that elite football fanfare.

The Pepsi campaign of Made for Football Watching celebrates those football fans who are passionate about the game. Todd Kaplan, Vice President, Marketing at Pepsi, said, “While everyone may not have the athleticism of an elite athlete on the field, we all are made for football…watching. We believe the Sunday ritual of watching football at-home is definitely something worth celebrating.”

From special commercials to an online hub to other activations, the campaign is more than a way to encourage people to drink more Pepsi. The concept shows that football fans can connect with both each other and their teams.

While people might not be sitting side by side with the same family who has held the season tickets for the past 10 years, that passion for the team hasn’t disappeared. The seat and the view look just a little different.

As the season kick off is around the corner, think about how you will make this season special and get into your elite football watching training. Wash that new jersey, put on your lucky socks and fill the fridge with your team branded Pepsi can. Remember you can be that elite football watcher, too.

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