Burger King redesigns restaurants to offer better customer experience

New Burger King Restaurant concept, photo provided by Burger King
New Burger King Restaurant concept, photo provided by Burger King /

Burger King looks to innovate the future of restaurant design.

As the restaurant industry learns to adapt to the changing landscape, Burger King is embracing the changes. With more emphasis on customer experiences, both outside and inside the restaurant, these BK restaurant adaptations could set a trend for the quick service industry.

Over the past several months, the changes to restaurants have been drastic. From to-go only to social distancing, the traditional restaurant design may not be beneficial for both guests and businesses. While the word “pivot” might be overused, restaurants understand that they need to offer innovation and be flexible to the changing times.

In today’s announcement, these new BK design respond to the shift in food innovation, tech and operations. From delivery modes to ordering platforms, there are many aspects to these changes. Overall, the customer experience is emphasized.

One of the biggest changes is the size of the restaurant, itself. These new designs will be “60% small than a traditional Burger King restaurant building and site.” For example, pick up lockers offer convenience. Food goes from the kitchen to the consumer in a seamless, less contact fashion.

Many of the changes emphasize less contact for the consumer. From curbside delivery to drive-in options delivered to a parking spot, BK balances efficiency with consumer preferences.

One of the biggest changes is to dining options. As consumers learn to appreciate outdoor dining options, the indoor dining space is balanced with patio style seating.

While the customer experience is paramount, the most innovative aspect to this Burger King innovation is the suspended kitchen and dining room. Looking the proposal, a conveyor belt system will bring food to guests. It changes the blueprint for fast casual restaurants.

Through this option, the restaurant can offer a 100% touchless experience. Given the changes to food delivery, this platform is what consumers want. By finding a creative solution, BK has found a way to stay ahead of the curve.

The new Burger King designs are set to debut in 2021. These restaurants will be seen in Miami, Latin America and the Carribean.

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