Best S’mores Desserts impress by focusing on classic flavors

Sugar Vault Desserts, Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores Cupcake (Hyattsville, MD)
Sugar Vault Desserts, Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores Cupcake (Hyattsville, MD) /

These best s’mores desserts are the ultimate chocolate, marshmallow indulgence.

If you are looking for the best s’mores desserts, these five restaurant desserts will have you taking a food road trip to savor each and every sweet bite. The chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker confections are the ultimate winners.

Last month, Hershey’s, Jet-Puffed and Honey Maid collaborated on a program, S’mores Gives Back. As many independent restaurants continue to struggle in current climate, this program looked to support that community. Many restaurants submitted creative, impressive s’mores desserts. Five restaurants earned the $10,000 prize.

The best s’mores desserts winners are:

  • Arepa Zone, S’mores Tres Leches (DC, Fairfax)
  • Bella Creamery, S’mores Sunday (Kingsburg, CA)
  • Harry Caray’s, Holy Cow! S’mores (Chicago, IL)
  • Rolling ‘N’ The Dough, S’mores Toffee Popcorn (Nachez, MS)
  • Sugar Vault Desserts, Chocolate Hazelnut S’mores Cupcake (Hyattsville, MD)

While each of these best s’mores desserts are amazing. A couple of the desserts are quite enticing.

best s'mores desserts
Arepa Zone, S’mores Tres Leches (DC, Fairfax) /

For example, Arepa Zone won for its S’mores Tres Leches. As the best selling dessert at its restaurant, the dessert plays off both s’mores and a classic tres leches.

While everyone should visit Arepa Zone, this dessert idea could inspire some home-made treats. From the molten Hershey’s milk chocolate to the torched marshmallows and the crunch of the graham crackers, this dessert is the ultimate treat.

More importantly, the $10,000 prize will help the Arepa Zone invest in its future. Knowing that it has to adapt to the customer habits, the money will help improve its website and digital ordering platforms.

For Harry Caray’s, the iconic Chicago restaurant is looking at a difficult fall and winter season. Without patio seating, this prize is the extra resources to keep the restaurant moving forward. Why not go and grab one of these best s’mores desserts and say Holy Cow, just like the restaurant’s namesake.

Lastly, Rolling “N” The Dough and its Hershey’s S’mores Toffee Popcorn blends together the iconic flavors. There is something familiar, comforting and always tempting with each handful.

This restaurant is hoping to use the prize money to buy a food truck. The mobile aspect of being able to reach customers can help keep a business moving forward.

If you can enjoy one of these best s’mores desserts in person, go enjoy one. Or, consider enjoying a great dessert at a local, independent restaurant in your area. That classic combination of Hershey’s Chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers is always a tasty treat.

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What is your favorite s’mores dessert?