Jelly Belly caught Harry Potter’s Golden Snitch and you can too

New Jelly Belly Golden Snitch, photo provided by Jelly Belly
New Jelly Belly Golden Snitch, photo provided by Jelly Belly /

Jelly Belly wins the game with the Harry Potter Golden Snitch.

Harry Potter fans know about the Golden Snitch and now Jelly Belly has made it easy to capture. The new chocolate Golden Snitch is the sweet treat that all Potterheads will want to enjoy. While it might not win a game of Quidditch, the chocolate goodness will win you over.

Jelly Belly has a wide array of Harry Potter themed treats. From the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean to the Gummy Creatures, there is always a Wizarding World sweet treat waiting for you.

The newest addition to the Harry Potter themed candy is the chocolate Golden Snitch. The 1.65 oz milk chocolate candy has the characteristics of the iconic game piece. Of course, the chocolate is wrapped in gold foil.

Similar to the chocolate wands, this packaging comes with special Potter themed facts. For this candy, the box includes a Quidditch rule sheet and an explanation of the Snitch’s significance to the game.

Thinking about the Jelly Belly Harry Potter line, this offering is probably one of the best of chocolate options. While the chocolate wands have intricate details, you almost don’t want to eat it. It is like breaking your own wand and wondering if there will be some magic lost. Sure, no one can really resist good chocolate, but it can be a moment.

With the chocolate Snitch, it is a like a victory candy. Just like capturing one in a game, you can celebrate the victory (by eating chocolate). Although, you might not want to share the candy with the opposing team.

The Jelly Belly chocolate Golden Snitch is available at various retailers. It joins the other Jelly Belly Harry Potter inspired candies.

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What is your favorite Harry Potter candy? Will you go looking to capture the Golden Snitch?