Food stocking stuffers make for a tasty holiday

Food stocking stuffers are definitely Santa approved. If you are finishing a last minute holiday gift list, here are FoodSided’s favorite food gifts that are perfect stocking stuffers.

Food stocking stuffers are often a popular holiday gift choice. While some people might opt for an orange or maybe that classic LifeSavers package, there are many options that can be quite tasty. Hopefully, these treats will get used, unlike that silly t-shirt that your aunt thought was so funny.

When it comes to choosing these food gifts, try to pick a food gift that she would like. For example, don’t buy a vegetarian a package of beef jerky. Sure, it is ok to push the boundaries a little, but don’t go too far out on a limb.

Here are a few food stocking stuffers FoodSided recommends for this holiday season (and might end up in the stockings of a few family members).

Mixologi, the Original Drink Bomb, photo provided by Mixologi

Mixologi, the Original Drink Bomb

Sometimes a good drink can make everyone smile. But, not everyone is a master mixologist. Mixologi, the Original Drink Bomb is cocktailing made easy. It is a handcrafted cocktail drink mixer with a little fun. Simply add your favorite alcohol, sparkling soda or water. From a refreshing lavender lemonade or twist on a rose, these little treats are making the New Year look extremely festive.

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin’ Jalapeno Sauce

Wing fans made their voice heard. Buffalo Wild Wings brought back the beloved Jammin’ Jalapeno sauce for a limited time. Make a wing fan’s day by putting a bottle of this sauce in the Christmas stocking. Maybe buy a bottle for yourself as well. The sauce will be going away again.

Sahale Snacks

Have you ever had Sahale Snack Mixes? These flavorful combinations will have you snacking beyond ordinary. Whether you like sweet, like Banana Rum Pecans glazed mix or spicy Korean BBQ Almonds glazed mix, there is a flavor that will tempt your taste buds.

L.O.L. Surprise Finder Keepers packs

When a toy and chocolate are combine into a single gift, kids get excited. The L.O.L. Surprise Finder Keepers packs are the next hot item. Inside of a tasty milk chocolate candy egg, there is a L.O.L. Surprise doll. These fun treats are available at Walmart for $1.98.

Harry Potter Chocolate Wand

This magical wand might not cast a spell, but it is quite tasty. Jelly Belly sells a variety of these chocolate wands. From Harry’s wand to Dumbledore’s wand, there are several. It might add a little magic to your holiday celebration.

Jägermeister mini meisters, photo provided by Jägermeister

Jagermeister Mini Meister

Sometimes the holidays could use a little shot or two. The 10-pack of Jagermeister Mini Meisters could make that holiday dinner a little more lively. Just remember your limits.

Stoneridge Orchards Montmorency Cherries

Chocolate covered cherries are always popular at the holidays. These cherries are rich in flavor and good for you. The dark chocolate covers the whole fruit cherries. Both sweet and tart, these little delights make you feel good about a treat.

Reese’s Ultimate Collection

For the Reese’s fan, this special collection available at Walmart is a delight. It includes Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s stuffed with Pieces. White Reese’s, Classic Reese’s and Reese’s Dark. Plus, it is only $5.00. You could buy two.

Do you have favorite food stocking stuffers? Share your favorite food gift by tagging #FoodSided on social media. Hopefully no one is getting a lump of coal this year.

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