Snack beyond ordinary with elevated nut and fruit combinations


Is there a better snack mix? An elevated flavor combination of nuts and fruits can offer snacking beyond ordinary.

A good snack can captivate your taste buds. The combination of textures, flavors and ingredients makes snacks satisfying. While that flavor balance seems obvious, some combinations are expected and others are extraordinary. Why should anyone settle for ordinary snacks?

One popular snack that satisfies is trail mix. The mixture of sweet, salty, nuts and fruits makes for a delicious handful. While these snacks are yummy, sometimes the flavors are a little juvenile. Sure, a chocolate candy is good, but couldn’t a vanilla glazed cashew be better?

For anyone who is ready to snack beyond ordinary, Sahale Snacks are a delicious choice. These snacks were created by two friends who were searching for wholesome, great-tasting snacks. With desire to include bold flavors, spices and ingredients, these snack mixes appeal to the person who wants more than the boring, tired snack mix.

Sahale Snacks, photo provided by Sahale Snacks

These snack mixes aren’t just a bag of nuts, fruits and a hint of sweetness. The flavor combinations vary from flavor infusions of exotic spices to riffs on a classic dessert. One taste of any of these snacks and you may never eat a plain trail mix again.

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Over the years, I have had the opportunity to taste several of the Sahale Snacks offerings. At the annual Sweet and Snacks Expo, I always stop to see the newest flavors that the brand will present. This year was no different. While I still have a several classic favorites, a few new options got my attention.

One flavor, the Banana Rum Pecans Glazed Mix reminds me of a scrumptious bananas foster. Each pecan has a rich, deep glaze which pairs well with the pieces of dry banana. While I personally enjoy this mix on its own, it is yummy on top of oatmeal or even yogurt. When I am craving that sweet dessert, this mix satisfies.

For times that I crave something lighter, but still sweet, the berry macaroon almond trail mix is a must eat. Personally, I adore macaroons. The delicate almond cookie is a baking wonder, but I don’t bake these cookies well. Plus, if I ate all those cookies, my food guilt would be high.

This snack mix offers all those flavors in a better for me version. The sweetness of the blueberries, the tartness of the lemon and the crunchy almonds makes for a perfect bite. You can definitely visualize a delicious macaroon when you taste this mix.

Sahale Snacks, Banana Rum Pecans Glazed Mix photo provided by Sahale Snacks

While many of the sweet mix combinations are popular, Sahale Snacks offers some bold, exotic flavor options. The Thai cashews offer a bold umami flavor that cannot be overlooked. With a hint of sweetness from the pineapple and a brightness from the lemongrass, the spice is well balanced. This mix can become quite addicting.

As a portable, easy and satisfying mix, these snacks satisfy. For the creative foodie, these snacks can be transformed into even more impressive recipes. While I mentioned the simple idea of adding the snacks to oatmeal and yogurt, the snacks could be used in many more ways. From a topping to a crumble to a cookie ingredient, the sweet possibilities are endless.

For the savory cook, consider using the bolder flavors, like the Thai cashews to a chicken dish. Or, just add a bold flavor to your favorite salad. The creative uses are limited only by your imagination.

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Are you ready to snack beyond ordinary? The bold, creative flavors of Sahale Snacks will have you snacking better.