Le Creuset Classic Lasagna Dish is fall’s must have kitchen essential

New Le Crueset Lasagna Dish, photo provided by Le Crueset
New Le Crueset Lasagna Dish, photo provided by Le Crueset /

Move over Dutch oven, the Le Creuset Classic Lasagna Dish is the kitchen essential.

From expert chefs to novice cooks, the new Le Creuset Classic Lasagna Dish is the next kitchen essential that every home cook will want to add to her collection. With grandma’s lasagna recipe or favorite celebrity chef recipe, this Le Creuset dish offers the versatility that every home cook can appreciate.

For many people, Le Creuset is a trusted kitchen brand. From the iconic Dutch oven to a variety of specialty pieces, the vibrant rainbow of colors from the trusted brand inspires cooking creativity.

The new Le Creuset Lasagna Dish is a premium stoneware dish which offers the exceptional heat distribution to ensure great cooking. With a depth of three inches and a total of 5-quarts, the dish can make the perfect lasagna, an amazing casserole or a variety of other dishes.

With more people looking to continue their joy of cooking, this new Le Creuset dish shows how one kitchen essential can be used in a variety of ways. While it works well with lasagna, the versatility ensures that it stay out of the cabinet and is used more often.

As fall approaches, this dish is perfect for all the comfort food recipes. Beyond grandma’s lasagna recipe, this dish could be used for a simple casserole, a roasted chicken or even that overnight French Toast recipe.

Available in four colors, Flame, White, Cobalt (outlet exclusive) and Cerise, the new lasagna dish retails for $89 at both LeCreuset.com and the Le Creuset outlets.

In addition to the Le Creuset Classic Lasagna Dish, Le Creuset launched a new color, Deep Teal. The enticing jewel tone features a striking green undertone with hints of vibrant blue. Whether it is your first piece of Le Creuset or a complement to your collection, the Deep Teal will bring an elevated color to the kitchen.

The new Deep Teal color is available on LeCreuset.com. The new color is featured in Enameled Cast Iron, Enamel on Steel and Stoneware products.

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Are you ready to get cooking with these kitchen essentials this fall? What is your favorite Le Creuset color or item?