Savory waffles are the ultimate brunch dish

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Upgrade brunch with savory waffles.

If you are looking for the best brunch, savory waffles are that ultimate brunch dish. It doesn’t mean that syrup is off the table. Instead, it is time to put some big flavor in each bite.

Whether you follow food trends or just enjoy delicious food, brunch can be time to explore some different flavors. Even if it is just a bite or two, those different flavors could be a way to discover a dish that could become your favorite.

Previously, there has been many discussions on can you waffle it. Of course, there are many foods that can be made in a waffle maker. While you can waffle a pizza, this food trend isn’t necessarily a savory waffle.

At the same time, chicken and waffles have become a common dish. The combination sweet and savory is always tasty. What started as a brunch food has expanded beyond that dish.

But, that dish is a combination of two foods. Why not just make a savory waffle?

Recently, Grubhub released a new trend report. In part of the report, it discussed the most popular waffles and savory waffles topped the list.

According to Grubhub, bacon waffles are topping the must have brunch dish. Why have waffles with a side of bacon when you can have bacon in your waffles?

Adding savory flavors into a waffle is simple and easy. Whether it is pieces of bacon, slices of jalapeño, the potential ingredient list is long.

If you are making brunch at home, why not set up a waffle bar. With a base waffle batter, you can create a variety waffles. Similar to that make your own omelette, you can make your own waffle. Maybe that waffle bar could be the next food trend.

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Do you enjoy savory waffles? What is your favorite brunch food?