Companies spark a conversation with Labor Day On for Labor Day

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For this Labor Day, many companies look to help workers through Labor On initiative.

While Labor Day is often a day off work, 50 companies are focusing on a different aspect. The Labor On initiative looks to the American worker back into the conversation. Instead of focusing on deals and sales, many companies are standing together to help people get back to work.

During a holiday weekend, people look to celebrate. From special deals to sales, that day off of work is often reason to celebrate. Unfortunately, for many people, it isn’t a day off from work. There have been too many days off from work. There is no day off from work when there is no job.

Started by Red Wing Shoe Company, the Labor Day On program looks to help the millions of unemployed Americans find jobs. Instead of promoting sales and deals, the brand will be using the holiday to promote job openings both in its company and other organizations.

Dave Schneider, Chief Marketing Officer at Red Wing Shoe Company, said, ““Red Wing knows that by shining the light on even just one job, this could be the first step in an opportunity for someone to find work and support their family. Our hope is to start a movement and leverage our own channels to highlight these jobs and help Americans end Labor Day on a high note — with a new job to celebrate.”

After Red Wing started this program, an additional 50 companies have joined the conversation. From Burger King to Johnsonville, these companies will be sharing employment opportunities. Using the tag, #LaborDayOn, this conversation can hopefully bring a new reason to celebrate during the end of summer event, a new job.

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This year on Labor Day take a moment to think about the American worker and join the conversation.