Two Philly cheesesteak legends change their recipe with a special secret ingredient

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The recipe for two Philly cheesesteak legends changed for a good cause.

For a good cause, a rivalry can be put aside. Two Philly cheesesteak legends, Pat’s and Geno’s, have changed their recipe. With the help of Budweiser, this secret ingredient is more than just a recipe addition. These limited-edition Budweiser Cheesesteaks celebrate shift workers.

This Labor Day, the celebration takes a different tone. Whether it is putting the focus on getting people back to work or socially distant celebrations, the end of summer holiday is part of the ever changing new “normal.”

This year, the two Philly cheesesteak legends are putting away their rivalry for a good cause. For many hourly shift workers, they received #LunchOnBud. On Labor Day, shift workers were eligible to get a free cheesesteak.

This promotion was in collaboration with Budweiser. The free limited edition cheesesteaks featured a special secret ingredient, Budweiser.

At Pat’s, their iconic cheesesteak recipe got a twist. The cheese sauce was infused with Budweiser and crispy bacon.

For Geno’s, the recipe twist involved the steak itself. Geno’s marinated the steak with Budweiser before grilling it.

While these special limited-edition Budweiser infused cheesesteaks were part of a Labor Day free food promotion, the specials will remain on the menu till the end of the month. Whether you enjoy one in person or via delivery, foodies need to get a taste of this special secret ingredient change.

And, even people across the country can get a bite of the new recipe. Pat’s Budweiser Cheesesteak is going to be sold through Goldbelly.

It would be interesting to see how Budweiser influences the flavor. Budweiser beer works well in a variety of recipes. From bread to brats, it makes sense to try it as a secret ingredient in a cheesesteak.

Whether you eat a cheesesteak once a week or only occasionally, consider trying one of these special limited-edition recipes. It could inspire some creative recipes at home.

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