Is your Bloody Mary recipe tastier than Blake Shelton’s favorite Bloody Mary?

Smithworks Bloody Mary, photo provided by Smithworks
Smithworks Bloody Mary, photo provided by Smithworks /

Blake Shelton’s favorite Bloody Mary might need your Bloody Mary recipe upgrade.

Many people debate over a Bloody Mary recipe. While Blake Shelton has his favorite Bloody Mary, many home mixologists have their own special cocktail that impresses all their friends. Could that cocktail recipe earn the ultimate Bloody Mary bragging rights?

Often a popular brunch cocktail, the Bloody Mary has become more than that original recipe. Just a glass of tomato juice, vodka and a handful of other flavorful ingredients is too boring.

Today’s Bloody Mary cocktails are overflowing. From shrimp skewers to sliders to even a whole chicken, mixologists have become even more creative with their Bloody Mary cocktails.

For Blake Shelton, he has a favorite Bloody Mary recipe. Using his signature Smithworks Vodka, the Pride of Okrahoma is part cocktail and meal. While you might not find this cocktail on the menu at Ole Red in Orlando, you might want to try one at your next brunch.

Here’s how to make Blake Shelton’s favorite Bloody Mary, Pride of Okrahoma.


  • 2 parts Smithworks Vodka
  • 2 parts Your Favorite Bloody Mary Mix
  • Squeeze of lime
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Garnish with okra, pickle, olive, beef jerky & piece of chicken


  • Combine Vodka, Bloody Mary Mix, squeeze of lime and pinch of salt.
  • Garnish with okra, pickle, olive, beef jerky & piece of chicken

While many people will happily sip on this Bloody Mary, there is always room for improvement, experimentation and just some cocktail fun. Shelton and Smithworks Vodka are inviting people to share their best recipe.

Recently, Shelton said, “I’m ready to find the best Bloody Mary maker and I know their delicious recipe is out there just waiting for its debut,” said Blake Shelton. “I’m excited to have teamed up with my friends at Smithworks Vodka to put together this friendly competition to determine who has the best Bloody Mary recipe in the U.S.!”

If you think that your Bloody Mary recipe can impress Shelton and Smithworks Vodka, join the competition. The winning prize is great but, more importantly, the bragging rights are king. Wouldn’t you want to be crowned the winner?

For more information on this Bloody Mary contest, please visit

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Could your Bloody Mary recipe impress Blake Shelton? There’s only one way to find out.