The new Mountain Dew store lets you wear the DEW proudly

New Mountain Dew Store Lifestyle line, photo provided by MTN DEW
New Mountain Dew Store Lifestyle line, photo provided by MTN DEW /

Now you can wear the DEW proudly thanks to the new Mountain Dew store.

While many people can debate the best Mountain Dew flavor, doing the DEW is a lifestyle. With the new Mountain Dew store, fans can proudly proclaim their DEW Nation status for all to see. What MTN DEW items will you buy first?

Food fashion has become a huge trend. From hoodies featuring your favorite cereal to the love of your favorite convenience store, that fashion choice makes a statement about your favorite food and beverages.

For many people, Mountain Dew is as much a favorite beverage as it is a lifestyle. The brand is about pushing the boundaries, embracing the adventure and doing the DEW. From claiming the outdoors to elevating the game, fans know that MTN DEW will be there to fuel them along the way.

The new Mountain Dew store celebrates the DEW fan and their passion for the popular beverage brand. The online store has exclusive DEW gear that any DEW fan will want to add to their collection. From the gamers to the dads, everyone will have at least one piece that will showcase their passion for DEW.

Looking at the store, a few items from both the wear and gear line stand out. In my household, life is about socks that make a statement. Whether it is on my morning run or the kids having a little fun with the school outfits, socks are our way to express a mood.

The MTN DEW socks are great. Not only are they colorful, but they have a few fun sayings. Maybe it was just a mindset, but those sunning socks help me run a little faster in the morning.

If you are looking to make a bolder statement, consider the Baja Blast shirt. The saying is on point and many people will agree with you.

Lastly, for the gamer, the MTN DEW controller skins are a must have. If you use MTN DEW Game Fuel to power up your epic gaming night, these controller skins could give you the confidence to take control of the game.

And, if you want to make sure that you never have to leave the couch during a battle, don’t forget the sling cooler. It ensures that you have plenty of MTN DEW at your fingertips.

The Mountain Dew store has a variety of gear and clothing options. Prices vary depending on the items.

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Are you ready to show off your passion for the DEW Nation? What item from the DEW Store would you want?