Best Mountain Dew flavors ranked: Where does Baja Blast stand?


What are the best Mountain Dew flavors? FoodSided sipped and savored numerous MTN Dew beverages to create this definitive Mountain Dew list.

Can you determine the best Mountain Dew flavors? The iconic beverage always seems to tickle your innards. Over the years, Mountain Dew has expanded beyond that classic, green colored soda. But, which flavor deserves the top ranking?

8. Mountain Dew Ice Lemon Lime

This clear version of the MTN Dew is bright and refreshing. The lemon and lime comes through in each sip. It is perfectly refreshing on a hot day.

Can anyone forget that epic Super Bowl commercial? Sure that lip sync battle between Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice made for great television, but the beverage is pretty tasty too.

7. Mountain Dew Code Red

Just like the color conveys, this bright red DEW is bursting with cherry flavor. It still has the boldness of the DEW but there is a slight sweetness thanks to the cherry.

Some people are drawn to this MTN Dew because of the color. Sometimes that bright red color, with some cherry goodness, offer just the right refreshment.

6. Liberty Brew

This summer’s limited edition flavor, Liberty Brew, is as bold as its blue color. The combination of all types of flavors makes this beverage quite intriguing.

While it is nearly impossible to distinguish all the different flavors, we do recommend serving the Liberty Brew over ice and let each sip linger. If you can find this soda, take a chance and try it.

5. MTN Dew Voltage

This flavor has a spark thanks to the extra caffeine. While it might not the same as Kickstart, this MTN Dew flavor does seem to give you a little boost.

The flavor, itself, is interesting. It combines raspberry with citrus. There is a hint of sweet but not overpowering.

4. Sweet Lightning

The exclusive KFC flavor, Sweet Lightning, is definitely a MTN Dew to enjoy. With hints of honey, it is the perfect pairing to the iconic KFC fried chicken.

It is interesting that this beverage launched at KFC and will only be available in those restaurants. Remember Baja Blast started out at a restaurant, too. Don’t let the opportunity to try this tasty beverage pass by.

3. Pitch Black

Many people were drawn to MTN Dew Pitch Black because of its deep, rich color. The purple colored beverage might not be completely black, but it is dark.

This MTN Dew flavor is grape forward. If you love grape soda, this version is definitely worth a sip.

2. Classic Mountain Dew

Can anyone really resist a classic MTN Dew? There is something just tasty about that bright green beverage. While the original formula might have changed since the 1940s, it is still a classic.

Basically, the classic MTN Dew is citrus forward. It is bright, with a hint of sweet and can only be described as MTN Dew. If you’ve never let this classic drink tickle your innards, at least try it once.

1. Baja Blast

The cult following of Baja Blast boosts it above the classic Mountain Dew flavor. There is something so refreshing, tasty and almost addictive to this MTN Dew flavor.

While this flavor started as a Taco Bell exclusive, limited edition drink, it now can be found on all store shelves. It may not transport you to a beach, but it will offer some tasty refreshment.

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Do you agree with FoodSided’s best Mountain Dew flavors? Where does your favorite MTN Dew fall?