MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original Dew: All the energy, no guilt


Mountain Dew has always had a good beverage kick. The new MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original Dew offers a bigger energy kick without the calorie guilt.

Growing up Mountain Dew was the go to beverage when I needed an energy boost. The brightly colored carbonated beverage was an instant pick me up. Over time, other caffeine-related drinks, some with lesser calories, filled my refrigerator. Still, Mountain Dew held a special place. Now, the new MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original Dew is bringing the Dew back to my refrigerator.

MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original Dew: All the energy, no guilt, photo provided by PepsiCo

Recently announced, the KICKSTART line is adding two new flavors, MTN DEW KICKSTART Original DEW and MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original. These two flavors bring the flavor of original Mtn Dew to the KICKSTART line. While both versions offer a huge boost of caffeine, “91 mg of caffeine per 16 oz. can” the MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original has only 5 calories.

These Mtn Dew flavors of KICKSTART contain “five percent juice and Vitamins B and C.” This aspect, along with the big caffeine boost, sets it apart from the original Mtn Dew. The juice shouldn’t change the flavor profile of the beverage. It could make the flavor bolder, but the difference shouldn’t offend classic Mtn Dew fans.

The KICKSTART line of beverages are a tasty energy drink option. These beverages have a fruit juice component as well as some vitamins. The carbonation is good, but not too harsh.

While some people enjoy this beverage as a morning pick me up, mid-afternoon is my preferred choice. The flavors are refreshing and the caffeine keeps my energy levels up. Plus, the new Ultra version is a smart lower calorie option. No one wants a sugar heavy caffeine boost.

MTN DEW KICKSTART spokesperson, Kevin Hart, photo provided by PepsiCo

In the product announcement, PepsiCo, the company behind KICKSTART, announced a partnership with Kevin Hart. Hart will be the face of MTN DEW KICKSTART. With events being held during the NBA All Star Game weekend, the partnership should be an interesting one.

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Hart is known for his high energy, funny persona. If people can equate that high energy with drinking the new KICKSTART flavors, some fans will want to emulate the performer. More importantly, the promotions should be funny. MTN Dew Ice scored big with the Doritos Blaze Super Bowl commercial. This new partnership should be another boost.

The two new KICKSTART flavors, MTN DEW KICKSTART Original DEW and MTN DEW KICKSTART Ultra Original, are available at various retailers. Will you be seeking out these new beverages?