The most popular food delivery is always this favorite comfort food

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Harlem EatUp!)
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images for Harlem EatUp!) /

Is the most popular food delivery order really this favorite comfort food?

What is your favorite comfort food? According to a recent survey, that most popular food delivery order contains that comfort food. Can you guess the food yet?

Even though many people discovered the joy of cooking, the ease of food delivery makes it the more convenient option. While it was previously just pizza and Chinese food being delivered to people’s homes, now almost every popular fast casual chain as well as local restaurants have a delivery option.

In a recent DoorDash survey, the results showed that “92% of Americans said fried chicken is their go-to comfort food, with 94% of respondents agreeing they typically get comfort food when ordering in.” It seems that fried chicken is the favorite comfort food.

There is something about fried chicken that has a wide appeal. Maybe it is the crispy coating. It could be the seasoning. Or, maybe it is just the taste of decadence of eating a piece of perfectly fried chicken.

While fried chicken always satisfies, some people are not confident about making it at home. Although there are a variety of recipes available, the concept of frying food can be difficult to master.

From the right oil to the proper temperature, frying is not as simple as putting chicken in the oven to roast. Of course, the air fryer can be an option, but that perfectly crispy skin and the original comfort food taste only comes from deep frying.

Given that so many people crave this favorite comfort food, it makes sense that DoorDash and KFC became partners. With the special free chicken tenders offer, there is even a better reason to place another food delivery order.

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What is your favorite comfort food? Do you make it yourself or place an order from your favorite restaurant?