Taye Diggs and Baskin-Robbins inspire tasty Creature Creations

Taye Diggs partners with Baskin-Robbins, photo provided by Baskin Robbins
Taye Diggs partners with Baskin-Robbins, photo provided by Baskin Robbins /

Screaming for ice cream takes a different twist thanks to Taye Diggs and Baskin-Robbins.

With a little imagination, Taye Diggs and Baskin-Robbins are inspiring some delicious Creature Creations for ice cream fans of all ages. Whether you have one scoop or two, the ice cream desserts are full of imagination.

Earlier this year, Baskin-Robbins introduced its Creature Creations. These whimsical creatures brought even more fun to ice cream. From the magical unicorn to the spooky monster, there seemed to be a story behind each scoop.

Now, those Creature Creations have an even bigger adventure in store for ice cream fans of all ages. Taye Diggs wrote an inspiring story to bring a piece of that magical world to life.

In the book, The Festival of Creatures, readers not only go on a fantastic story, but they learn some lessons along the way. The book focuses on embracing differences and celebrating diversity. In an age appropriate way, this book can teach a lesson that can be applied for a lifetime.

Since bringing the story off the page and into the real world brings a concept home, Baskin-Robbins created DIY Creature Creations Kits. The kits included two quarts of ice cream, sprinkles, Creature-inspired cup and white chocolate toppers.

For many families, the table is the place to talk about important subjects. Whether the topics are easy or hard, food can make the conversation flow a little easier.

By using Diggs’ book and the Creature Creations Kits, families can visually show how differences can be celebrated. Whether it is different ice cream flavor preferences, ice cream toppings or favorite characters, people differences are what make them special. That uniqueness needs to be celebrated for what it is.

The Creatures Collection Kits can be purchased via Baskin-Robbins. The Festival of Creatures is available online for free.

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