Which Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing starts your day running?

What Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing is your perfect match?

When you find the perfect match, you know that Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing will bring the smiles each and every time. To kick off the new Dunkin and DoorDash partnership, a free Munchkins offer gives everyone the opportunity to find their perfect beverage and dole hole treat pairing.

For many people, mornings start by running to Dunkin. From the seasonal coffees to the satisfying breakfast sandwiches, that morning routine is not complete without Dunkin.

With the rise of food delivery and changes in morning routines, more people want delivery services to run their Dunkin to them. Today, DoorDash, the nation’s leading last-mile logistics platform, is expanding Dunkin’ delivery to about 3,500 restaurants across the country and more expansion is  coming.

Toby Espinosa, Vice President of Business Development at DoorDash, “That first sip of coffee is what gets most of us going in the morning, and even though our morning routines look a bit different these days, we’re excited to make it easier for Dunkin’ fans everywhere to enjoy their favorite classics from the comfort of their couches, home desks or wherever they start their day.”


Dunkin, DoorDash

New DoorDash & Dunkin’ partnership, photo provided by DoorDash

Since a big announcement deserves a big celebration, Dunkin and DoorDash have created the Munchkin matching platform. By asking a few questions, you can find your perfect Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing.

Finding your perfect pair is easy. Simply answer a few questions on DoorDashDunkinMatch.com. Without revealing all the questions, some ideas are “what’s your favorite season” or “what is your ideal 10 p.m. look like?” After going through the quiz, you will get your answer.

Dunkin Munchkins come in Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, Jelly, Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon, Blueberry Glaze. Also, a little less than five Munchkins equal a whole donut.

So, after you take the quiz, you have to try out the pairing. Whether Dunkin and DoorDash made the perfect match or your think your favorite combination is better, you are still a winner. You enjoyed a donut hole and a great beverage.

DoorDash, Dunkin, Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing

New DoorDash & Dunkin’ partnership, photo provided by DoorDash

While the perfect match quiz is fun, there is an even better way to celebrate the Dunkin and DoorDash partnership.

Now through September 21, orders of $10 or more can get a free 25-count of Munchkins and a $0 delivery fee. Maybe you could order a couple of beverages to test the accuracy of the quiz.

As consumers want more convenience, these partnerships and promotions will continue. From the beginning of the day to the late night cravings, the ability to push a button and have food arrive where and when you want it is important to consumers.

The way that brands can set themselves apart is with special promotions. From free food to reduced delivery fees, consumers are enticed to place order after order. Business and consumers are continually adapting.

For now, place a Dunkin order via DoorDash and you could get some free Munchkins. Whether you eat them all yourself or share with a friend, no one every turns down free food.

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What is your favorite Dunkin beverage and Munchkins pairing? Will you be enjoying some donuts and coffee today?