Chomps, meat snacks that refuse to cut corners

Chomps, photo provided by Cristine Struble
Chomps, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

When flavor matters, Chomps delivers the meat snacks you want.

Snack time shouldn’t have to come with difficult decisions. Chomps understands that compromise shouldn’t be part of that decision. With a focus on quality, sustainable products and clean ingredients, consumers have meat snacks that never cut corners.

While food trends come and go, many popular lifestyle choices are currently focusing on eating more protein. People are drawn to meat snacks for that protein packed snack.

But, not all meat snacks are the same. Although some people might be accustomed to eating mechanically separated chicken, it doesn’t mean that people who prefer cleaner eating would make the same choice.

When a consumer is focused on a healthier lifestyle, the ingredients in their food choices are equally important. Avoiding additives, focusing on sustainable products and being able to identify the ingredients in the food are important factors when choosing a snack.

Although not the biggest name in the snack aisle, Chomps is making waves in the snacking industry. With a loyal group on Chompians, the meat snack company continues to focus on the keys that make them different. By standing out in a crowd, it is giving conscious consumers a reason to take a bite.

While the company’s business practices are important to its corporate culture, consumers care about taste. If the meat snacks don’t deliver the flavors that people crave, they will never leave the shelf.

One easy way to see the difference is to compare a traditional meat snack and a Chomps option. With the traditional Beef Jerky Stick, there is a hint of smoke. While not overpowering, that smoky note makes the flavor more enjoyable. When paired with the burst of spice, the bolder grass feed beef flavor is balanced.

The best way to experience the flavor differences is to try the variety pack. In the 8-piece trial pack, the flavors vary from traditional to more experimental. Although some people might not be drawn to the Cranberry Habanero Beef Stick, this flavor is a must try. That combination of bold spice and a touch of sweet could become your new favorite combination. It is non-traditional sweet and spicy, but it could inspire some kitchen creativity in the future.

Additionally, the variety pack contains salt and pepper venison. This flavor shows the brand’s attention to detail. Instead of being too gamey, the salt and pepper offers balance to the venison. Even if you aren’t drawn to pushing flavor boundaries, this meat snack will change your mind.

Chomps are available online. The brand is Whole30 approved, Gluten Free Certified, Non-GMO Verified, Keto Friendly, Paleo certified and certified humane. The meat snacks have zero sugar added, free from many allergies, have no fillers and contain no nitrates or nitrites.

The first step to greatness starts with the right ingredients. If you are ready to taste the difference, it could be time to raise your arms as a Chompian.

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