Have you mastered the perfect pancake with pancake science?

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The perfect pancake comes down to mastering the pancake science.

Before the maple syrup is poured over, the perfect pancake must be achieved. While some people have food hacks, tricks or tips, the secret comes down to a simple cooking techniques. Have you mastered the pancake science?

Pancakes come in all shapes, flavors and sizes. From silver dollar pancakes to seasonal flavors to even the Japanese soufflé pancakes, there is a different option for every day of the week. While there are many options, a few key ingredients always make the perfect pancake.

Leigh Uhlir, Kendall College program director of culinary arts and hospitality management at National Louis University, shared some of her expert pancake knowledge. For her, the perfect pancake focuses on five simple tips.

According to Uhlir, her pancake science builds off the simple of idea of using best ingredients and following the basics. Sometimes the simplest food tips are the best ones.

Here’s her recommendations for making the perfect pancake.

Fresh ingredients

While there are various convenient options, fresh ingredients do make a difference in taste. From the flours to the butter to the special ingredients, make sure that everything is fresh. That difference comes through in each and every bite.

Keep it separate

Since pancakes are more like baking than savory cooking, it is important to mix the dry and wet ingredients separately. Once the dry and wet ingredients are set, they combine them together.

Mix with care

Just like an over mixed cake doesn’t have the right texture, pancakes should not be overmixed. The key is to combine all the ingredients without over mixing.

Let the batter rest

Just like a dough likes to rise, the pancake batter needs to rest. By giving the batter some extra time, it equalized the moisture. Additionally, some air gets into the batter which is a good thing.

Get the griddle right

Just like a pan needs to be the right temperature, the griddled needs to be medium-hot. Additionally, the griddle needs to be well-oiled. No one wants pancakes to stick.

In addition to these five tips, the most important part is to pay attention while cooking. The cook needs to watch, listen and taste through the process. Cooking is all about using all the senses.

While practice does make perfect, this pancake science can put any home cook on the path to create the perfect pancake.

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