Special K has a tasty and creative way to remember day of the week

Special K Blursday Kit, photo provided by Special K
Special K Blursday Kit, photo provided by Special K /

It might not be underoos, but Special K has a new way to remember the day.

When Monday looks like Wednesday and the weekend never seems to come, it must be 2020. Special K understands that this year has been “special” in many ways but it has been more overwhelming than anyone could have appreciated. Even if you feel like your life is on the perpetual Groundhog Day loop, there is a new way to ensure that you get the day of the week correct.

Announced today, the Special K Blursday Go-Away Kit has everything a person needs to ensure you know your Tuesday from Thursday. Sure, you might have another 5:30 p.m. zoom call with your boss on both days, but Thursday is the day where you actually did that Pelton workout (or so your Apple Watch says you did).

In all seriousness, everyone is starting to feel the blurred days are becoming too much. When the office is in your bedroom, there seems to be no life balance. The glow of the computer calls and one day, week or even month blurs into another.

By creating the Blursday Go-Away Kit, Kellogg’s is having a little fun but at the same time is providing a service. Some parents might have purchased day of the week clothes for their kids. Maybe it is time for parents to wear the right socks and not have to worry about checking the calendar app.

One thing to remember. You do have to do your laundry regularly. If you don’t, you could have to sacrifice Sunday’s socks on a Wednesday.

While the fun socks make a statement, the more interesting aspect to this kit is the Flavors You’re Feeling Weekly Planner. Although it is not quite as strict as Sheldon’s eating habits on Big Bang Theory, the cereal calendar gives people a tasty treat to look forward to.

For example, the brand has created the Seven Flavors of Special K. Check out this list.

  • Monday: Special K  Chocolatey Delight
  • Tuesday: Special K  Red Berries
  • Wednesday: Special K  Blueberry with Lemon Clusters
  • Thursday: Special K Banana
  • Friday: Special K Raspberry
  • Saturday: Special K Fruit & Yogurt
  • Sunday: Special K Cinnamon Brown Sugar Crunch Protein

If you didn’t notice, the socks do match the cereal calendar. It is a nice way to keep everything coordinated.

Unfortunately, this special kit isn’t for sale, but you can enter to win one. Maybe if enough people ask for this offer, Kellogg’s Café could offer a similar option. Wouldn’t you want to match your socks and your cereal?

Isn’t it time to come out of the fog. Special K has come up with an option. Let’s start the day on a clear note and leave that blur behind.

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What is your favorite cereal? Do you have certain patterns to your cereal eating?