Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is the perfect pick for fall

Captain Morgan Spiced Apple, photo provided by Captain Morgan
Captain Morgan Spiced Apple, photo provided by Captain Morgan /

Captain Morgan Sliced Apple shakes up your cocktail glass.

Your crew has a new beverage to sip. Captain Morgan Sliced Apple has joined the Captain Morgan line and your cocktail glass needs a little shake. While people may say that life starts over in the fall, this new Captain Morgan beverage could change how you drink the iconic spiced rum.

For many people, Captain Morgan is “the” spiced rum. Although pouring some in the glass does not guarantee sandy beaches and warm waves on the shore, it does bring a taste of that Caribbean vibe. A touch of sweetness from the caramel and vanilla are blended with the spices to make a delightful rum.

Many people have their preferred way to enjoy Captain Morgan. From a classic rum and cola to pina colada, there is always an option to mix up something good.

Over the years, Captain Morgan has added flavors to its iconic brand. Last year’s Captain Morgan Gingerbread Spiced brought much cheer to the holiday season.

The touch of gingerbread flavors added to the spiced rum brough all types of holiday cheer. From a twist on a seasonal coquito to a boosting a rum version of a hot toddy, the subtle gingerbread flavor worked well with the iconic rum.

The newest spiced rum to join the Captain Morgan line-up is Captain Morgan Sliced Apple. The spiced rum gets a boost from the flavors of fresh sliced apples. A touch of tart and a hint of juicy, this apple flavor is subtle yet just the right amount to bring crispness to the spiced rum.

For some people, the best part of an apple is that bite. At first, the juiciness starts to dribble down your chin. Then, the flavors start to build. The hint of sweet, the burst of tart and the combination of flavors and textures builds to the perfect bite.

With the Captain Morgan Sliced Apple, that flavor experience is similar. Although you shouldn’t dribble while drinking from your glass, that crisp apple flavor is comes through in every sip.

Recently, I had the opportunity to taste the new Captain Morgan spiced rum. According to the brand, they recommended a few simple ways to enjoy it. From drinking over ice to simple shot with a touch of lemon juice, it is enjoyable when drunk simply.

Actually, the touch of lemon balances the apple notes. The brightness of the lemon plays well with the other flavors.

Additionally, the apple spiced rum was recommended in Apple Mule and even an Apple Sour. In many ways, this apple forward spiced rums can work in a variety of cocktails.

Personally, fall is all about apple cider. Apple cider and Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is a delightful combination. While the flavor combination is quite apple-centric, there are many ways to enjoy this beverage combination.

One way that I enjoyed this cocktail is to combine some apple cider, Captain Morgan Sliced Apple, some fresh lemon juice and a floater of sparkling wine (or sparkling water). Then, garnish with some sliced apples, some pomegranate seeds or even a dried apple.

Another option would be to use the TAZO Mixology Tea Concentrate Ginger Lime Moscow Mule with the Captain Morgan Spiced Apple. The lime flavor is a nice option versus the lemon. Overall, that flavor choice brings a touch more of the warm spices to the cocktail glass.

Lastly, ginger and this Captain Morgan rum work quite well together. Even just a simple mix with a ginger beer, a touch of lemon and a garnish of a sprig of rosemary is quite delightful.

The Captain Morgan Sliced Apple is available now. It has a 35% ABV and has a suggested retail price of $15.99.

Is your crew ready for some good times and new memories? Get a little juicy with Captain Morgan Sliced Apple.

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