Best rums to always have stocked in the home bar

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Which are the best rums to always have behind the home bar?

From tropical cocktails to spiced sippers, the best rums are quite varied. Although some people think of rum as the liquor in those popular frozen cocktails, a good rum can be quite nuance. If you are looking to stock the home bar, these best rums will impress even the aspiring mixologist.

While rum is believed to originate in the West Indies, rum is made in a variety of locations. From small distilleries to large, well-known brands, rum some in all colors, flavors and ages. Although tasting the many varieties takes more than an afternoon of sipping, there are a few ways at breaking down the popular liquor.

Generally, white rums are light in color and flavor. They are often used in cocktails or mixed drinks, like a daiquiri. Darker rums are often preferred to be the predominate flavor in a cocktail. For example, a dark and stormy is quite tasty with a darker rum.

Aged rums tend to offer a more sophisticated flavor. Often drunk on their own, similar to a bourbon, these rums can be aged 8 or more years.

When considering the best rums to stock the home bar, flavor should be the biggest consideration. Even though this list makes some suggestions, personal preference should drive decisions.

Here are FoodSided’s recommendations for the best rums to have stocked in the home bar.

Malibu Rum

With the notes of coconut, Malibu Rum brings a taste of summer vacation in every sip. From the original flavor to the other fruit infused flavors, this rum offers a taste of the tropics.

Often tasty in a fruit-forward cocktail, Malibu Rum is always a good choice. From a Malibu Bay Breeze to even just Malibu and Lemonade, there are a variety of ways to enjoy this popular rum.

Don Papa Rum
While many rums originate from the Caribbean, Don Papa Rum is from the Philippines. The flagship Don Papa Rum is aged 7 years and it is quite nuanced.

Although the rum has a long finish, the Don Papa Rum is delicate with slight fruity aroma. If you are ready to discover Sugarlandia, this rum will transport you to a new flavor experience.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum

If you are ready to join the captain, a bottle of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is a must. While the warm Caribbean spice is the big draw, the flavors of vanilla and caramel are equally enticing.

The Captain Morgan brand has a variety of options. From seasonal choices like Gingerbread and Sliced Apple to the original or white, there is a Captain to serve for any and every occasion.

BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho

Known as the world’s most awarded rum brand and over 150 years in the industry, BACARDÍ is always a must behind the bard. The BACARDÍ Premium Portfolio has a variety of dark rums that could change your perception of rum.

The BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is barrel-aged rum. With flavors of butterscotch, nutmeg and even dried apricot, this rum is delightful when enjoyed on its own. Whether served neat or on the rocks, the nuance and complexity of this aged rum is a must try.

These best rums are just one person’s recommendations of what are always stocked behind our home bar. Convince us to add to the rum collection by sharing your favorite rum. What rums are we missing?

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What is your preferred liquor? Do you prefer a great cocktail or a great sipping beverage?