Tropical rum cocktails that bring beach vibes in every sip

(Photo by Dylan Rives/Getty Images for SOBEWFF®)
(Photo by Dylan Rives/Getty Images for SOBEWFF®) /

Who needs sand between your toes when these tropical rum cocktails bring the beach.

Missing that beach vacation? These tropical rum cocktails are a tasty escape in a glass. Put on your favorite sunglasses, grab a floppy hat and grab a glass. Sometimes the beach vibes are about a state of mind and these rum cocktails will make you feel all the tropical breezes.

Rum is often used in tropical themed beverages. Looking at rum’s history, the Caribbean has been associated with the liquor. From the first distillation to rum being used in the trade routes, the history is long and storied.

Today, rum comes in many types and is offered by many brands. While some rums are perfect for cocktails, other aged rums are preferred for slow sipping. The amount of options can be almost as overwhelming as the Cabernet section of the wine aisle.

But, when it comes to tropical rum cocktails, the key is to bring the flavors of vacation to the glass. While some cocktails are frozen others are served on the rocks. No matter the method, the fruit forward flavors tend to take the lead.

Although some people might instantly think of the classic daiquiri, there are all types of tropical rum cocktails. Whether the cocktails come from iconic hotels or great mixologists, these sippers will make you feel that beach vibe.

tropical rum cocktails
Mango Aperol Daiquiri, photo provided by The Confidente Miami Beach /

Which tropical rum cocktails will you shake up?

Mango Aperol Daiquiri (The Confidante Miami Beach)

There is nothing better than watching the sunset on Miami Beach. At the Confidante Miami Beach, this daiquiri is twist on the legend.

According to Miranda Breedlove, “this daiquiri is perfectly balanced, goes down easy and begs for another.” Ready to shake up one?


  • 1.5 oz Bacardi White
  • .50 oz Aperol
  • .75 Lime Juice
  • .50 oz House-made Mango Syrup


Pour the ingredients and ice into a shaker, stir and strain.

Kukui’ula Mai Tai

The Mai Tai is considered the signature cocktail of Hawaii and this cocktail from The Lodge at Kukui’ula is a perfect example of the Hawaiian hospitality. Made with locally distilled Koloa Rum, it captures a taste of Hawaii.


  • 1 oz Koloa Gold Rum
  • 1.8 oz fresh pineapple juice
  • 1.8 oz fresh orange juice
  • .4 oz Gifford’s Orgeat Syrup
  • 1 oz Koloa Dark Rum (as a float)


Shake over ice, add Dark Rum and garnish with a fresh pineapple.

Rum Punch at Bis Bar at Encore Resort at Reunion

If you are ready for more, then Bis Bar at Encore Resort at Reunion is the place to be. The resort located near the Orlando tourist district is a great place to sit back and relax. This rum punch will make you take a break and enjoy the afternoon.


  • 1 Part Barcardi Dragonberry Rum
  • 1 part Malibu Caribbean Rum
  • 2 parts Cranberry, Pineapple, and Orange Juice
  • Floater of 151 Rum
  • Strawberries to garish


Mix with ice, shake, pour and enjoy!

Tropical Rum cocktails
Boca Resort Frozen Dreamicle, photo provided by Boca Resort /

Dreamiscle by Shake Grill at Boca Raton Resort & Club

If you are looking for a luxury vibe in south Florida, the Boca Raton Resort & Club is the place to be. For this tropical rum cocktail, the flavors are similar to the classic summer treat, a dreamiscle. Ready for the adult version?


  • 2 oz Cruzan Vanilla Rum
  • 3 oz House Whipped Cream
  • .5 oz Sprite
  • 3 oz fruit
  • Choice of mango, strawberry or banana puree


  • Blend fruit puree with 1/5 oz of Cruzan
  • Blend Sprite, whipped cream and remaining Cruzen
  • Alternate pouring between two mixtures into drinkware
  • Garnish with fruit of choice

Old Timer

Considered by some as the Rum Capital of the World, Puerto Rico has a plethora of tropical rum cocktails. The Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve has a signature rum cocktail that blends sweet and spicy flavors. Using all local ingredients, this enchanting cocktail will make you want to visit Puerto Rico again.


  • Bacardi 8 Rum 1 ½ oz
  • Angostura Bitters 2 dashes
  • Orange Bitters 2 dashes
  • Karma Honey (Cinnamon, apple, turmeric infused) 1 oz


Mix all ingredients in mixing glass, stir with spoon up to 6 times and strain over block of ice or sphere. Orange peel expressed (squeezed) over cocktail and dropped in glass.

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These tropical rum cocktails are just a few examples that bring the beach vibe to your home bar. What will you be sipping this summer?