Simple Halloween Safety Tips to make Halloween 2020 easier

Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

These Halloween Safety Tips can make Halloween 2020 fun and successful.

As the Halloween candy fills store shelves, Halloween 2020 is more than sweet treats. Halloween Safety Tips will adapt this year’s celebration in a thoughtful way. No one wants the Halloween traditions to disappear. With a few modifications, the Halloween fun can continue.

Recently, Mars Wrigley partnered with the National Safety Council to offer some guidance for Halloween 2020. For many families, Halloween is a time to have fun. Given the current climate, the Halloween traditions will look differently this year. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that the entire celebration is canceled.

Mars Wrigley has come up with a virtual idea to give families a new way to collect candy. Starting on October 1, Mars Wrigley’s TREAT TOWN is an immersive app experience. By collecting candy credits, users can redeem them for real candy. Given today’s climate, this virtual offering is a fun and engaging way to keep some Halloween traditions moving forward.

Halloween Safety Tips
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

At the same time, many people will want to dress up in their favorite Halloween costume. While some theme parks might be offering guests the opportunity to dress up in the shadows of Cinderella’s Castle, many people will want to dress up closer to their own castle.

The Mars Wrigley and National Safety Council partnership has shared some Halloween Safety Tips. While the items listed below are just a few of the many Halloween tips, these ideas might help families find a way to make Halloween 2020 more delightful and less frightful.

Here are some Halloween Safety Tips.

Trunk or Treat

Instead of gathering on the front porch, consider a socially distance option like trunk or treating. Many people have used car parades to celebrate birthdays and other events. Maybe the kids can stand outside and show off their costumes as everyone drives by. A rolling street parade could make it possible to see all those ghosts, princesses and superheroes.

Candy Corner

If the kids really want to go from house to house, ask neighbors to set up a candy corner. At the edge of the yard create a station for trick or treaters. Use a sign to remind families to keep distant, sanitize and how to pick up the candy.

Hands-free candy methods

While some people might like that flying ghost candy delivery, there are all types of hands-free candy methods that can be used. From creating a big pumpkin display on the yard to other creative ways to allow the kids to grab a piece of wrapped candy are available. You don’t have to have the most epic Halloween Wars display, but a little creativity can go a long way.

Halloween Goodie Bags

Instead of walking around the entire neighborhood, consider staying within your family “pod.” Create some Halloween goodie bags for your friends. With lots of pre-wrapped candy inside, you can make it fun for everyone.

Trick or Treat around your haunted house

If you really do not want to venture around the neighborhood, consider turning some rooms into your house into a trick or treat or haunted house experience. From some cold noodles in a box being a creepy touch and feel to hidden candy at the end of haunted clue, the options are many.

These Halloween Safety Tips are just a few of the many ideas that can make Halloween 2020 fun. With a little thought and planning Halloween doesn’t have to be canceled.

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What are you Halloween plans this year?