Duff Goldman gives young bakers all the sweet tools in his new cookbook

Duff Goldman, photo provided by Charm City Cakes
Duff Goldman, photo provided by Charm City Cakes /

Duff Goldman gets kids in the kitchen with Super Good Baking for Kids cookbook.

While Duff Goldman is a Food Network legend and a masterful baker, he is sharing those tips, tricks and knowledge with aspiring, young bakers. Super Good Baking for Kids is his first ever cookbook for kids. Although the home kitchen might not be ready for a Battlecorn, kids will be inspired to bring creativity to the kitchen.

For many people, baking is more than just mixing together a sweet treat. Of course, flavor is always the most important part of any dish. Still, many desserts have become edible art.

According to Goldman, he believes that baking should focus on three things, “super fun, super delicious, and super creative.” With those ideas in mind, the recipes in this cookbook are achievable for the young or novice baker. Parents might even want to borrow this cookbook from their kids.

Goldman said, “I’m constantly inspired and amazed by what kids are able to do in the kitchen. I’m super excited to be releasing my first cookbook for kids. My goal with this book is for kids to have fun creating delicious desserts that the whole family will love and empowering young bakers to release their inner artists in the kitchen!”

Since this cookbook is meant for kids, the recipes, fun facts and visuals are entertaining. If baking isn’t fun, kids will find something more engaging. By giving them the confidence and tools to be successful, kids will come back time and again. The kitchen might always be filled with delicious aromas.

While there is an emphasis on fun, and even some unicorn facts, the kids will learn important cooking techniques in the cookbook. From appreciating a clean kitchen to understanding the importance of kitchen safety, the tools are as important as the creativity.

Duff Goldman, Super Good Baking For Kids
Super Good Baking for Kids, photo provided by Evi Abeler /

Although Goldman guides the reader with clear instructions, there is always room for creativity and interpretation. Whether it is a color swap or a decorative twist, baking is a tasty way to let the inner artist emerge.

Super Good Baking for Kids will be available on September 29. Duff Goldman is a celebrity chef and appears on many Food Network shows. Charm City Cakes is one of the nation’s most respected creative cake companies.

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Could you be inspired to get into the kitchen and start baking? Super Good Baking for Kids could uncover the inner baker in your family.