Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin have the ultimate school essential

Aviation Gin, photo provided by Aviation Gin
Aviation Gin, photo provided by Aviation Gin /

Stumped by new math, Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin have the solution.

With kids back to school, life can be difficult. Ryan Reynolds and Aviation Gin have developed a way to make that school year a little more bearable. It might not be on the school’s approved supply list, but parents and teachers might want to add it to their wish list.

Whether the kids are E-learning, virtual school or back inside a classroom, the school year is more overwhelming than previous years. Trying to coordinate your face mask with your zoom background can be almost as difficult as learning how to conjugate verbs in Spanish. Even though everyone is trying to adapt, sometimes parents and teachers need a little support, maybe even liquid courage.

Since Reynolds always has a witty solution to any looming problem, Aviation Gin has the must have school accessory, the 1.75 L bottle, Home School Edition.

Check out this video.

Truthfully, the 1.75 L bottle could help people understand new math. Measuring cocktails is about ratios. While new math tends to add larger numbers to get to the correctly subtracted numbers, after a few cocktails you really do not care if you did or did not carry the one.

Besides math, liquor is a great introduction to science. From talking about distillation to fermentation, that big bottle holds a lot of knowledge. Maybe you could even discuss the origins of juniper and cover some botany.

While there is a lot of book learning to be appreciated, there are some practical applications. Learning a skill, like bartending, is beneficial for many people. Who didn’t earn some extra money in college while tending bar?

Lastly, this whole idea really comes down to a class in psychology. When parents enjoy a little sip of their preferred libation, they tend to be a little less stressed. Just maybe the reaction to the laptop being doused with a bowl of cereal will be a little less Deadpool and a little more Detective Pikachu.

The 1.75 L bottle of Aviation Gin is available at ReserveBar.com.

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How are you coping with back to school or home schooling?