International Coffee Day – Wake Up With Coffee Drinks From Around The World

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(Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images) /

What coffee will you be sipping for International Coffee Day?

International Coffee Day is on September 29, 2020. Around the world folks love their coffee – Australians sip Flat Whites, Frappes are served in coffee cafes in Greece and in Sweden they enjoy Kaffeost – coffee cheese! From the traditional to the unusual, coffee lovers are particular about their Cuppa Joe.  You can celebrate this special day with international coffee drinks made right in your own home.

Love ice cream? Then you will love these coffee drinks made with ice cream:

Affogato – an Italian coffee specialty drink made with gelato with espresso poured over.

Eiskaffee – German coffee drink made by placing instant coffee in a glass, adding ice cream, top with whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips.

Enjoy spice in your coffee?

Cafe de Olla is a cinnamon laced coffee enjoyed in Mexico.

Make Ree Drummond’s (Food Network) Spicy Cowgirl Coffee Drink. She combines cold brew coffee, chili syrup, chocolate syrup, heavy cream, cinnamon and cayenne pepper – Yee Haw! – so creamy and flavorful –  it’ll wake up your tastebuds!

Want a picture perfect cuppa coffee?

Serve Dalgona, a Korean specialty coffee drink. This delightful coffee has become very popular during the pandemic. Everyone is posting their Dalgona on social media. Instant coffee, sugar, and hot water that’s mixed until creamy then poured into a glass of milk that’s filled with ice. The top of this coffee looks like frothy caramel – photo-worthy and instagrammable!

If you like a good strong cup of coffee without all the “fru fru”, try these espresso drinks:

Machiatto – Italian espresso with just a little steamed milk on top.

Cafe Cubano – 1 teaspoon sugar sprinkled over espresso. Very popular in, you guessed it, Cuba!

And don’t forget to add the most important ingredient to your coffee – friendship! We may have to add it remotely these days, but sharing a cuppa joe with a friend is one of the best ways to greet the day!

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How do you like your coffee? What specialty coffee drink will you be sipping on International Coffee Day?