Taco Pizza is the food mash-up recipe that everyone wants

Ortega new offerings, photo provided by Ortega
Ortega new offerings, photo provided by Ortega /

When you can’t decide between tacos and pizza, taco pizza is the ultimate food mash-up.

Have you made a taco pizza? When it comes to favorite people’s favorite food, tacos and pizza often top the list. While each food is tasty on its own, why not create a food mash-up of the two tasty treats? Ortega makes it easy.

While a taco pizza isn’t necessarily a brand new idea, Ortega has offered a great option for home cooks to transform Taco Tuesday, pizza night or just to satisfy any food craving. This new kit makes the cooking experience easy for almost anyone.

The Ortega kit includes two pizza crusts, taco sauce and taco seasoning. Home cooks add their own toppings to customize. While the instructions mention ground beef, the meal can be customized in many ways,

Truthfully, this meal kit can solve many family dilemmas. Fighting over favorite toppings, ratio of toppings, and a variety of other items, the ability to have individual meals your way has a huge appeal for families.

Similar to the home taco bar, families can set up all the toppings and let everyone make their own pizza. From a lot of cheese to extra sauce, the options are many.

The idea of bringing two favorite foods together is a smart one for Ortega. People are more likely to try a new product when it is based on the familiar.

Additionally, it brings some fun to the typical family dinner. A food rut can lead to dissatisfaction. Why not spice up Taco Tuesday with a little twist that everyone will love. The kids might not want fish tacos, but they will want taco pizza.

Personally, this kit is a way to transform the avocado toast that people love so much. The crust is the right thickness. Also, depending on how you cook the crust, it has that tasty crisp texture.

A little avocado, a touch of cheese and a street taco sauce can make for a delightful meal. It is simple, easy and can change on a whim. Sometimes the perfect flavor combination is just that simple.

If you are ready for a food mash-up that will be a winner with everyone in the family, consider Ortega’s Taco Pizza Kit. Are you hungry yet?

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What is your favorite food mash-up?