Doritos Twisted Lime offers an irresistible flavor without being too extreme

New Doritos Twisted Lime, photo provided by Doritos
New Doritos Twisted Lime, photo provided by Doritos /

Doritos Twisted Lime gives snack time twist that is irresistible.

If you love lime but not the heat, the Doritos Twisted Lime is the perfectly balanced flavor that you have been craving. While spice lovers were thrilled about the Flamin’ Hot Limon flavor, the boldness of that Doritos chip was a little too extreme for some people. This new flavor brings the lime flavors without  overpowering heat.

For snack time, bolder flavors have been trending. While many snacks have embraced spicy, sometimes extreme spice, that flavor isn’t the only option on the shelf.

As global flavors influence impact food trends and flavor preferences, citrus notes have become more common. While the citrus bring the tanginess, it needs another flavor to balance. That yin and yang option can make you grab another chip, and another, and another. Before you know it, the bag is empty.

The new Doritos Twisted Lime is a lime-flavored chip that embraces the citrus punch. While it isn’t a total pucker forward taste, the citrus is clear and almost refreshing.

While it is citrus forward, the chip ends on spicy note. It isn’t Flamin’ extreme, but the heat is clear. Since the lime is somewhat refreshing, it helps to temper the heat and make you go back for another chip.

Although Doritos are meant to be enjoyed on their own, they could be a fun addition to a variety of recipes. While this flavor would definitely make a bold walking taco, crumbled Doritos on top of a layered dip might be a fun twist.

Or, why not use the Doritos Twisted Lime to make some nachos. The bold flavors would go with a variety of toppings. Grilled chicken, some guacamole and a little cheese could make for a tasty meal.

The Doritos Twisted Lime will be available nationwide starting on October 5. It will be available in a 9.75 oz bag and a 2.75 oz bag.

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Are you ready to get twisted? Doritos Twisted Lime brings the tangy and heat that you will have to try.