Mars Wrigley and TREAT TOWN save the trick or treating experience

Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, TREAT TOWN, photo provided by Mars Wrigley
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, TREAT TOWN, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

Mars Wrigley believes Halloween isn’t canceled and TREAT TOWN will save the day.

While the porch light might be off, Mars Wrigley doesn’t want the Halloween celebration to go dim. With TREAT TOWN, the Halloween trick or treating experience is adapting. Halloween candy will fill those pillowcases and pumpkins, just in a different way.

Although many children focus on the piles and piles of candy that are accumulated on Halloween night, the annual celebration is more than just candy for days. From picking the perfect costume to enjoying time with friends, the annual Halloween traditional is filled with lasting memories.

For Halloween 2020, the traditions need to adapt. Even though some people might turn their rooms into a mini haunted houses, many families are looking for a more convenient approach.

Mars Wrigley partnered with the National Safety Council to create tips and guidance for a mindful Halloween experience. One special innovation is TREAT TOWN.

According to Tanya Berman, Mars Wrigley’s head of seasonal marketing, “Halloween is a mega-moment at Mars Wrigley and we’ve tried to think of everything our consumers might need in 2020 to embrace both the family and new Halloween traditions.” She believes that TREAT TOWN is the platform for “friends, families and communities (to) have the entire month of October for inclusive, digital celebrations that create better moments and more smiles this Halloween season.”

Halloween Safety Tips, Treat Town
Mars Wrigley Halloween offerings, photo provided by Mars Wrigley /

TREAT TOWN is an app for either IOS or Android devices. Users create a profile and can complete fun activities. From hosting trick-or-treaters to customizing their house, it is a new way to keep the Halloween spirit going.

Candy givers can purchase virtual Mars Wrigley candy credits. They can give those credits to other users. The credits can be redeemed online or in store for real candy.

Additionally, users have the option for “treating it forward.” The candy credits will be given to the Boys & Girls Club of America as a cash donation. Additionally, Mars Wrigley will donate $50.000 to the organization.

Just because Halloween doesn’t come with walking around the neighborhood or going door to door doesn’t mean that the event is canceled. With a little innovation, the Halloween candy traditions continue. Maybe TREAT TOWN could become a new tradition that your family will want to continue.

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