Are the most popular NBA Finals foods part of your game plan?

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Bring your team luck by ordering these popular NBA Finals Foods from Grubhub.

Get the game-day snacks ready because these popular NBA Finals Foods could be the difference between a big victory or a crushing defeat. Grubhub has complied the orders and these food orders could spur your team to another big victory. What food will be coming to your door?

While the NBA Bubble might have their own special meals, fans need to prepare their game-day menus. From the most popular food orders to good luck foods, fans are ardent about their must have orders. With that lucky game day jersey ready, why not keep the good vibes going with some delicious food.

According to Grubhub, five particular foods are the most popular NBA Finals foods. While everyone thinks of chips and dips or a pile of chicken wings, the most popular foods are a little more creative.

Here are the top five NBA Finals Most Popular Foods:

  • Barbecue slider: 190% more popular
  • Chicken bacon ranch quesadilla: 179% more popular
  • Pomodori panini: 169% more popular
  • Buffalo bleu burger: 130% more popular
  • Deep dish sausage pizza: 119% more popular

Who knew that a barbecue slider is a popular order? Although barbecue can be hard for some people to make at home, it isn’t the typical sports food. Maybe people are just craving barbecue.

The deep dish sausage pizza is a more likely order. Pizza is one of the most popular sports foods. Although, deep dish pizza can be controversial. Some people think that deep dish is more of a casserole, not a pizza.

While the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers are battling on the court, the food preferences might evolve depending on the outcome. Depending on the wins or losses, some cities might be wanting comfort food or celebratory food. Would those outcomes change the preferences?

Whether you order the most popular NBA Finals foods, your favorite food or another good luck food, Grubhub has it all. Ready to place that order?

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What is your favorite food to enjoy while watching sports?