Cold Stone Creamery celebrating Super Mario 35th anniversary

Super Mario and Cold Stone Collab, photo provided by Cold Stone
Super Mario and Cold Stone Collab, photo provided by Cold Stone /

Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating Super Mario’s 35th anniversary.

Cold Stone Creamery is celebrating Super Mario’s 35th anniversary with new menu items that will be available until just before Christmas.

The Mario’s Super Birthday Blast stars Cake Batter ice cream with yellow cake chunks, neon blue frosting and star-shaped sprinkles, and there is also a Mario’s Super Star Shake if that’s more your thing, which features the same ingredients in a drinkable form.

Most notably, there is the Rainbow Road Rally ice cream cake, which mixes yellow cake with Cake Batter ice cream with star-shaped sprinkles and blue frosting. These feature Mario and his brother Luigi in their go-karts, racing of course at the (infamous) Rainbow Road track.

There are also four limited-time cups, each in a different color, that feature Mario as different points throughout his history.

They sound like a sugary overload, but these items sound fun to try just for the novelty aspect.

“We are thrilled to join together with Nintendo once again to commemorate the Super Mario Bros. 35th anniversary with our super-premium ice cream,” Sara Schmillen, vice president of marketing for Kahala Brands (Cold Stone’s parent company), said in a press release.

Super Mario debuted as Jumpman in Donkey Kong, an arcade game in 1981, and fully appeared in Mario Bros in 1986. Since then, he has become Nintendo’s instant-recognition character, as well-known as Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny.

He has appeared in around 250 games since, evolving into the lead character of an ever-sprawling galaxy of characters, racing in the Mario Kart series and teaming up with Sonic for adventures at the Olympics. He has been to space, transformed into a pinball, played various sports (most often baseball, golf, soccer, and tennis) and even had educational games teaching basic computer skills.

Super Mario has even appeared in both a live-action movie and an animated/live-action TV series.

“He’s always been defined by the circumstances he encounters,” said Gamecrate in their 2018 history of the character. “He has no substantial canon backstory to speak of, and no real personal characteristics.”

This accessibility and generally easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics translates well into an enjoyable video game experience, which has resulted in generations of avid fans. And that’s why this promotion is so cool – ice cream and Super Mario make a brilliant combo that any kid can enjoy.

Finally, Cold Stone is holding a sweepstakes contest with five grand prizes consisting of a $50 Cold Stone gift card, a Nintendo Switch system and a dozen Nintendo eShop download codes for digital copies of games. 100 first-prize winners will each receive a $25 Cold Stone gift card, a Switch and five digital download codes for eShop games. If customers are part of the My Cold Stone Club rewards program, they will also receive an undefined number of MyNintendo platinum points for entering.

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