Halloween Wars recap: Can you feel the fear of being trapped?

Left to Right: Team Candy Coroners Pumpkin Carver Chad Gaine and Cake Maker Amy McBride at work during Episode 4 Small Scare challenge "Spooky Self-Portrait" as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network
Left to Right: Team Candy Coroners Pumpkin Carver Chad Gaine and Cake Maker Amy McBride at work during Episode 4 Small Scare challenge "Spooky Self-Portrait" as seen on Halloween Wars, Season 10. Photo provided by Food Network /

In this Halloween Wars episode, the teams were swallowed by a terrifying fear.

While monsters might be friends with other monsters, Halloween Wars proved that deeply rooted fears can shared among many people. Sometimes those shadows really do have a secret lurking in its depths. Can you avoid the monsters’ trap?

With this Halloween Wars episode leaving one team just short of the finale, the pressure was on to create the ultimate Halloween display. Although each of the teams have had highs and lows, each team is only as good as its last display. Which team was trapped in the ultimate no-man’s land?

To kick off this Halloween Wars episode, the teams had to create a spooky self portrait for the small scare. While this challenge seemed straight forward, it did give a little insight to the team’s personality. A little self-reflection can be quite scary.

For Mummies Rejects, they had an impressive display. The comparison of team member Daniel to a werewolf was on point. While this display could have easily won, it had a huge issue. The placement of the werewolf and the mirror made it so that the display was completely hidden. As it was said before, if the judges can’t see the display, the team will not win.

The Crave Diggers had good elements, but they didn’t push the display far enough. For example, the pumpkin looked more like a pumpkin than a character. Given the team’s previous displays, this display just needed more pizzazz.

Lastly, the Candy Coroners brought a little humor to their display. This small scare was the best example of how they listened to the judges. They balanced the humor, the scare and all the details. It was a vibrant display.

Since Mummies Rejects did not angle their display well, Candy Coroners won the Small Scare. Truthfully, it was a little lucky for this team to earn the win.

For the Spine Chiller challenge, which would determine the Halloween Wars finale teams, the theme was being trapped by a monster. While it appeared that the theme was supposed to have a claustrophobic twist, it seemed more like just being trapped. Either the theme wasn’t explained clearly, or the teams just took a different approach.

The most interesting aspect to this Halloween Wars episode is that all three displays had an octopus or kraken in the display. In some ways, this theme wasn’t the fear of being trapped it was the battle of the krakens.

Overall, the displays were extremely impressive. The teams had details, expressed the fear and captivated the judges. Only a few small details set the teams apart.

After winning the Small Scare, Candy Coroners went larger than life. From the kraken coming off the platform to the many characters in the sea, they tried to capture everything. In the process, parts of the display were muddled.

With so many parts, there seemed to be an unfinished element to the display. Similar to the old saying, look in the mirror and take something off. The team could have used some editing.

Lastly, their tasting element fit the theme but it needed to be bolder. While there was supposed to be a pistachio surprise, the nuttiness was missing.

Crave Diggers pushed the envelope with their display. It was the only team with actual movement on the display. The judges didn’t seem to give them enough credit for that idea. It added to the creepy vide.

While there were impressive aspects, the story board seemed a little rushed. Still, the little details did not go unmissed. The marble countertop deserved all the accolades.

The most interesting part of their display was tasting element. The roasted bone marrow apple crème brulee was both savoy and sweet. It was visually smart for a Halloween Wars challenge. It captured the spooky yet delivered the sweet. Using this dessert during this challenge was huge advantage.

Lastly, Mummies Rejects brought their A-game to this challenge. Their character being trapped under water was superb. She was terrified yet beautiful, which is extremely difficult.

While the character was captivating, the rest of the scene was a little muddled. All the beautiful sugar art was lost. The colors absorbed all the details.

As for their tasting element, the blondie with a touch of citrus was exceptional. The citrus balanced the sweetness. With the perfect chew with a touch of crunch texture, this tasting element guaranteed them a spot in the finale.

Winning this Halloween Wars episode was Mummies Rejects. Unfortunately, the Candy Coroners were eliminated. The difference came down to the tasting element.

Which team will earn the Halloween Wars title? It will come down to pure horror or a touch of comedy. Can you predict a winner?

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What has been your favorite Halloween Wars challenge this season?