Kraft Mac and Cheese makes it easy to send noods, tastefully

Kraft Mac & Cheese Send Noods promo, photo provided by Kraft Mac & Cheese
Kraft Mac & Cheese Send Noods promo, photo provided by Kraft Mac & Cheese /

Kraft Mac and Cheese is the ultimate comfort food and it is time to send noods.

Sometimes comfort food, like Kraft Mac and Cheese, can be the way that you show someone that you care. When was the last time that you sent some noods to someone you love. That’s noods, like noodles.

Martina Davis, Brand Manager for Kraft Mac & Cheese said, “We’re all seeking the comforts of home and traditions that bring us together, like sharing a box of Kraft Mac & Cheese.” That sentiment is why the brand is giving everyone the opportunity to share some cheesy noods with friends and family.

October 6 is National Noodle Day and it is the perfect excuse to send noods. Just to be clear, people should send noodles, not pictures that grandma would be embarrassed to see. Those images do not need to end up “accidently” on your social media feed.

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Kraft Mac and Cheese understands that people are craving more comfort food. That iconic blue box has been part of many people’s food traditions. From the meal that just made a bad school day better to the first meal that you learned to cook on your own, mac and cheese has always been there for people.

Even today, families are finding that mac and cheese is a part of any meal. From adapting it to be a breakfast food to being a way to explore creative flavors, that mac and cheese is a pantry staple.

Since everyone could use a little love, Kraft Mac and Cheese is making it easy to send noods across the miles. Visit to send tasteful noods to others. Or, tweet @kraftmacncheese to send a free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese to someone special. Just think of the happiness and smiles those noods will bring.

Are you ready to send noods and see people’s face light up in delight? Sometimes a forkful of comfort food is the best gift.

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What is your favorite comfort food?